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Hello Talktimers!! I am Don. I am not a professional therapist or whatnot, but I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines (barely practiced though) Why am I here you might ask? I am one of those people some 5 or 6 years ago who suffered from depression after a bad breakup and had no one to go to. Almost killed myself in the process and I can’t be more thankful for being saved from that moment on.

Hence, I am here simply to offer a listening ear. Don’t ask me about pricing coz I am not a professional or whatever so this is all FREE, I am simply willing to give a portion of my time everyday to listen to you just so I can pay forward how I was saved back then. There was just that someone who was willing to listen. But if your feeling generous, feel free to ask.

I’ll be editing this post soon to add a video so I can introduce myself better. For now, here’s a short greeting below. :slight_smile:


Feel free to connect on LinkedIn as well.

You may also setup an FREE appointment with me on this link here >> Calendly

Comment here your email or send me a dm so I can send you a zoom link :slight_smile:

Feeling generous?

  • PayPal (please message me before sending anything)

Thats really sweet of you buddy and welcome back now be happy forever and keep others happy

I wish the same for you too. :slight_smile:

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Hello Talktimers!! I just wanted to let you know I’m right here if you need that listening ear, drop me a message! :slight_smile: Have a great day!!

today was a great day for me, I hope it would be for you talktimers! I’m right here if you need to talk about anything.