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Hi! My name is Nakeisha Sanders. I am an educator with over 10 years of experience in Springfield, Chicopee and Amherst, MA.

I am also a mother of 3 beautiful children. I have 2 daughters ages 5 and 12 years old and a 9 years old son. I will be homeschooling them and plan on working remotely from the comfort of my home as an Academic Math Instructor/Tutor for the 2020-2021 school year.

I just launched my own Academic Math Interventions Business Online MathGeniusNS since COVID-19. During the 2019-2020 school year and summer, I had provided successful Academic Math Interventions to students virtually online (remotely) in Springfield, MA, CT, New York and internationally in dire need of Academic Math Interventions to prepare for finals and improve upon Math Skilled areas as deficits.

To prevent our youth from failing and regression academically, I am committed to raising the bar and closing the academic achievement gap

Academic Intervention/Tutoring Services:

*One to one instruction to assist youth with completing their work assigned by their Teachers

*Offer remedial academic instruction as needed to help them in any content areas: Math, Reading and/or Writing and small group instruction

*Individualized Academic plans to meet the diverse needs of their children in an effort to prevent an academic achievement gap and regression academically

My Academic Math Intervention Classes (Online) are unique & offer:

*Diagnostic Pre & Post Assessments to target the areas in Math, Reading and Writing that are presented as skill deficits and with a proactive plan to increase their proficiency levels aligned to the objectives and common core standards of the content area.

*Help students to strive from their proximal level of learning (functional grade level) towards their current grade level of the Content area: Mathematics, Reading and or Writing.

*Individualized and differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students at different levels academically and cater to the multiple learning modalities and learning styles of students as Visual, Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Auditory and Tactile

*Teacher Modeling and Guided practice of Math Concepts using Meta-cognitive and Higher Order Thinking to enable students to access the Math Curriculum and Math Content Area

*Teacher Modeling and Application for students to utilize the 4 Domain Areas of Language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing to access the Math Content/Curriculum and meet the diverse needs of students at different grade levels

*An increase in students proficiency levels in Math skilled areas presented as deficits including prerequisite Math skills (prior Math/foundational skills) that are expected of them to know aligned to their current grade level in Math

*One to one meetings with students weekly to review their progress and make changes to their individual academic plans

I am very reasonable and will work within Parents and/or Guardian’s budget with a payment plan as smaller installments

:moneybag:The cost for my services start at $45.00 per hour

:writing_hand:*One to One Tutoring- $45.00 per hour- $135.00 per week/$540 for 4 weeks/$810 for 6 weeks

:writing_hand:*Small Group Tutoring of 1-5 students for 3 hours of tutoring & two days a week
*Synchronous live instruction Mondays-Thursdays 9:00am-1:00pm EST
Days & Times outside of my availability are negotiable by Appointment.

*Asynchronous instruction (Independent) with guided videos & Independent practice
on a Virtual LMS platform with Talk-Time/Google Classroom

:moneybag:Costs: Small Group of 1-5 students $675.00 weekly /$2,700.00 for 4 weeks/$4,050 for 6 weeks

(Payments Accepted via cash app $NSCREATIVE)

My contact information is below. Thanks!

Nakeisha Sanders

Academic Intervention Teacher/Tutor

(Online/Remotely) EST

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There is my star math Tutor. I love your work, your support and your motivation. You are everyone’s need when it comes to breaking down the math structure… You know how to get to the basic and in math’s, we know the key to success is to get to the basic once you get that you are flying. I love math and and I can see that it is also your passion. I know that you are going continue to make some parents and children very happy, you always do a great work and it is very evident. Thank you for all you do.

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Thank you so much Pastor Ann for your words of encouragement! I did a video of myself giving an informational session as an introduction of who I am, my experience as a Math and Special Education Teacher and what inspired me to be a Math Teacher, services I would offer parents, families and School Administrator’s in making a difference in our students lives and how I have a success rate in identifying the areas in Math that the students struggled with and needed interventions which were helpful etc.

I will be uploading my video as a Zoom session for about 30 minutes. I know you will do well with your love, humor and passion for cooking. I could tell by your photos of your food, and your laughter along with your good sense of humor demonstrates that you take pride in your talents and enjoy cooking. I see you owning your own Mama and Papa “Soul Food” Restaurant. You go sister!!!

Make sure you reserve a spot for me and my children and a nice table. It will be a family afternoon date. :slight_smile:

My email address: to stay in touch.

Thank you sister and Pastor Ann!
-Nakeisha Sanders

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Smiles… even without looking at it, I already know it is going to be great… I am looking forward to seeing it. Yes, a lot of children will appreciate you. Good Teachers are very rear. I love it when I find a great one. Thank you for sharing your beauty through your work.

OOh…Yes… I humbly receive your blessings, words of confirmation and encouragement. I look forward to that family afternoon date with the children. I aim to please… I know you guys are going to have a wonderful evening out at Ann’s Kingdom Love Kitchen … I cant wait to serve you and your family there. Lots of smiles from ear to ear. :grin: Thank you.

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Got any advice for helping my 1st grade son? He is most likely Adhd and actually pretty good at math… but comes across as if he isn’t because he can’t seem to put it down on a page when doing his assigned worksheets. Math is at the end of the day and he seems to be just done at that point. And then it ends up turning into a big fight :pensive:

Hi Cara King,

As a Special Education and Math Teacher,
Your son needs instruction of Math Individualized and differentiated with other ways to engage him with movement breaks and hands on manipulatives with a dry eraser board graphic organizers, flash cards, Math Anchor Charts and fun Math games related to what he is learning remotely in class, steps as small chunks, Math Vocabulary with examples as guided instruction and guided practice, etc.

He should have an extension on his assignments to reduce any feelings of anxiety.

He can also stand up as he works on his work on the computer remotely and stretch and exercise in place.

He should also have a Math Interventionist, paraprofessional or a Co-Teacher to work with him in a breakout room one to one to help him to focus and not be overstimulated if he is in a large class virtually.

There should be some type of weekly positive behavior incentive chart created by his teachers stickers to reward him for listening, focusing on his work, asking for help a d a movement break so he is not misunderstood, movement breaks should be incorporated between each class and as needed if he is productive during class.

During his break all of the time he was focused and did work can be added and used for him to decide on an appropriate preferred activity during his break in school.

You should ask for a BIP to be done on your child by a school behavior specialist who will observe the following

A= Antecedents= what happened before your child’s behaviors escalated and what factors triggered the behavior

B= Describe the Behavior

C= Consequence - How was the behavior addressed or extinguished as negative or positive reinforcement?

I hope this feedback helps you.
If you are in need of an Academic Math
Interventions Instructor/Tutor please let me know. I will work within your budget.

You can reach me at my cell: 413-517-7556 and email:

Thank you,
Nakeisha Sanders

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I will most likely be in touch. Blessings :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You are very welcome. Blessings to you too and Happy Holidays! :heart: