Restore a broken relationship in a whacky cool way with a LGBTQ, Polyamorous Couples Coach

Meet Shari
Price: $75 / 20 minutes
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Who am I?

I’m LGBTQ, polyamorous, power exchange, and non-traditional relationship friendly.

I’m a certified Law of Attraction, Spiritual, and Tarot Life coach. I specialize in relationships and helping you find your way to your best life.

What do I offer?

I offer advice on improving your relationships with yourself and your loved ones. We can discuss romantic and non-romantic relationships, finding love, recovering from break-ups and more.

What problem do I solve?

I help men and women work through the issues that are preventing them from finding and nurturing happy and healthy relationships in their lives.

How Will I help you?

I am compassionate, but firm. I will help you help yourself. You have to be willing to do the work or you won’t find success with me or with breaking the cycles you’re stuck in.

Who is this for? Who do I enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with anyone who is looking to create their best life. Many of my past working relationships have been with women, but I’m just as happy to work with men. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of unhappy relationships, I can help you break that cycle.

I also enjoy working with people engaged in non-traditional relationships including polyamory, power exchange, and LGBTQ+ relationships. I have been part of the poly and power exchange communities for more than 20 years and have worked with many LGBTQ+ members of those communities.

What is different or unique about me?

Using spiritual work, I help men and women find their happiness and break the cycles of unhappy repeats in their lives. I specialize in relationship help, but can also help with overall happiness and career happiness.

Having lived as a 24/7 consensual slave in the BDSM community, I have a unique perspective on how to balance submissive service in a power exchange relationship with maintaining a healthy self-image and connection to self-love. I can help you come to terms with why strong people choose to submit and how to negotiate healthy relationship boundaries in these kinds of relationships.

Why am I passionate about what I do?

For a big part of my life–30 years or so–I dated the same people (not individuals, but the type), many of whom were narcissistic jerks who took full advantage of my desire to be loved through pleasing my partner. Then I found my way. I made changes to make myself and my relationship with myself first in my life instead of somewhere behind dead last and I found so much more joy to share with others. I stopped dating the Mr. Wrongs I had been allowing into my life because I realized I deserved so much better. I want to help you find your path to joy and will help you personalize the journey for yourself so you can find the same happiness I now share with my new husband (we married on Halloween 2020).

What is my Teaching Style?

I tend toward straight forward advice and helping you choose action steps. I can be a little blunt, but please know it’s all done with love.

What are my expectations of you?

I do expect you to be prepared for our sessions by being in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If I’ve assigned you homework, please know that without it being complete, we will be unable to move forward. Please be on time and ready to dive in at your appointment time.

What happens when you buy?

When you purchase time with me, or a package, I will send you a message on Talktime that includes information on Voxer, my way of communicating with you for your purchased time. It’s a walkie talkie type app that’s free and works on your mobile devices and web browser. I’ve chosen Voxer because you can speak to it like you’re speaking to me and I will receive a recording of what you share. I then do the same and return to you a recording of what I shared. I can later download these recorded conversations and share them with you so you can review them anytime you like.

Fun Fact About Me

I had a mohawk in 7th grade. :slight_smile: And, as you can see from my photos, my wedding was a little less than traditional, but absolutely perfect for us!