Relationship Coaching - Successful relationship starts with YOU

Hello and welcome!
I am Ayza and you can always ask me anything!

Who I am and why I am here:

I have been married for 13 years and now divorced. The reason I got sucked into psychology and the need to help people is because there were a lot of things wrong in my marriage and I searched everywhere for answers on how to fix it, from self-help books, to psychology text books, to therapy, and everywhere else I could get anything and everything on this topic… As a result, I have gained TONS of knowledge and understood one important thing: you can NEVER make it if only ONE of you is interested on making it work.

Today, I am here to share my knowledge and expertise with you to help YOU keep your relationship and help the two of you GROW into an amazing and happy couple.
If you are in need of a dating advice, I am also the one to go to.

I will help you get your confidence running, raise your self-esteem, identify your type and help you find the right person that matches your character and needs. All you have to do is message me and schedule an appointment with you so I can help you in depth and get you where you need and want to be.

I am also an artist by nature and education. Before the pandemic I taught art, dance, and Zumba classes to kids and adults. I believe all of these art forms are awesome and absolutely healthy ways to not only help you cope with stress but also keep your body and mind active and healthy. If relationship is not your problem area but you have a stressful job and need an escape, I am also the one to go to. Just schedule an appointment with you and I will guide you through it.

Services and Pricing:

Available on Zoom, phone, or Facebook chat.
Accept PayPal and Zelle

$40/h for 1-1 Lessons (Art or Dance)
$40/45 min for 1-1 Zumba (Zoom only)
$40/h for 1 -1 Relationship coaching
$15/h group sessions (min 5 people, max 10)

Why me?
I have a passion for helping people which is part of my warm empathetic personality. I have lived through it as well as studied it. I am easy-going, non-judgmental, and result-oriented.

Where else can you find me?

My dance freestyle

My art channel

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Sounds like you have quite an impressive library of knowledge on this. I hope all goes well for you!

Hi Mark,

Yes, I truly believe I do and always expanding my knowledge in this area. Thank you and best of luck to you as well :slight_smile: