Relationship Coaching: A better YOU makes a better TWO

Hello! My name is Maureen and I am a dynamic, compassionate Certified Relationship Coach. I focus on the individuals in the relationship.

If YOU feel strong and confident, have good communication skills, know how to get what you want out of a relationship then the TWO can be much stronger. If you have been in a relationship that has ended, I can help you work through those emotions and get you back to a strong place. I’ve lived through it!

Relationship Coaching is an affordable alternative for Counseling but certainly not a replacement where issues of abuse, severe emotional trauma, etc. have occurred.

$42 for 30 minutes, $85 for 60 minutes of 1:1, positive, empowering discussion. Visit my website for these services as well as others. Sea Glass Life & Career Coaching, LLC

Oh, and feel free to text or call 860-724-6910! I will get back to you within 24 hours. Mention that you saw me on Talktime. I look forward to Coaching with you! Mojo