Regarding Job Opportunity

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well.

So, Before I left my job I been working as a sales executive in a company. So, excellent in client handing. I am good at MS Office. I also know SQL and beginner at some data visualization tool like Tableau. I know basic programming as well. I am learning digital marketing on my own.

I am ready to help you at every domain. Be it data analysis, Customer service, client handing, sales, Video editing, content writing, email marketing, research, Graphic design through Canva, executive assistant, strategy anything.

I believe Critical thinking along with decision making is the most effective way to solve any problem. I assure you I possess these skills.

I am based in India so you don’t have to invest much on me and I am 200% sure that whatever you invest on me, I will make sure you will get double return. I am open for any opportunity remotely and in person.

Is there any role that you could offer me.?

Comment or ping me


Let’s see what unfolds shall we Sandeep? I look forward to being able to see you fulfilled in your next venture/life and job placement!

Let’s see Daniele. How it goes.

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