Recruiting coaches

I am a lead coach in Canada. It has helped me so much through covid as I am not able to see my husband who is in United states. Instead of gaining weight from stressful eating, I have lost 25 lbs and I am at my goal weight. I have helped clients get off diabetes meds, increase their health and loose weight. It is such a rewarding feeling watching someone’s life transform and know you were part of it.
I am recruiting coaches. If you would like to Jon me, and love helping people this could be for you


Id love some info if you dont mind.

I am interested, thank you

I would be interested

Interested need some more information, are you also open to hiring reiki practitioners for online healing?

Hello, Kinesiologist here, graduated with a BSc in Kines, and I’m looking to contract my skills for potential clients. Feel free to follow up to coordinate the next steps.

I’m very interested in more information if you could message me, that would be amazing!

I’m interested, could you please DM me with more info?

I’m interested. What do you need from me?

I would love some info on the type of help you are seeking.

Hello Prescott, what kind of Coaches are you recruiting? e.g. Executive, Life, etc.

Interested count me in, here’s my email add

Thank you!

Master Coach Jericho Ibanez, PhD, MNLP