Realities of Yoga-inspired living

That elusive balance…not just on the mat but with everything in life. The light and the darkness, hope and sorrow, grace and anger. It’s so easy to get pulled into darkness…

Not very instagrammable, really.

We’re allowed to feel all of these things, all at once, always. I often have to really focus on reminding myself of this…I’m a RYT, preschool teacher and graduate student who presents as cheerful, calm and motivated (even though at times I’m profoundly depressed and have been for 20+ years). I teach students about compassion and self love (even though I’m often harsh with myself) and encourage them to practice gratitude (yet I sometimes take things like my health, security, abilities, etc. for granted)…so many dualities all swirling around at once. Recognizing this and making peace is the practice.

Perfectly imperfect and forever in.the.practice. THAT is Yoga…it’s a cycle and part of a lifelong journey/practice.


An imperfect Yogini