Reading books, yoga and mental health

Hola, this is Francisca. Has anyone worked through the book The Artist’s Way? Book club?


@Francisca3 I have heard of the book The Artist’s Way. I believe it’s in most counseling courses for Art Therapy. Is this something you are interested in?

~Rev. Katie

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Art therapy! Definitely. I love being assigned collages.

I feel like for me, collages and creative writing go together.

Academic life scares me without some kind of painting or drawing or pottery to go with it.

Yoga and macrame seem to make my brain calmer.

Poetry, especially short doable assignments, can be wonderful.

I have mixed feelings always. I think Julia Cameron wrote the book so that there’s sustainable growth. Anxiety would say that ART is too dangerous. I think Cameron’s point is that art is a beneficial habit. I’m not quite articulating why it feels dangerous to grow. I don’t consider myself a traditional art counselor, life coach, or like some yogis, a relationship counselor.

I only passed my college speech class because everybody passes that class. There was someone in it who was going to be an art therapist. She could draw. :smile: I only draw well once in awhile.


Art is something that comes through at different stages of our life. I’ve been the same with all the creative arts from writing poetry to painting mixed media and photography. I love it all. I think it’s more important how you feel when you are wanting to create whatever it is. When you have the idea in your mind’s eye, one is driven to get it out any way that they can.

Finding art buyers is a different story and for me learning the in’s and outs of everything I’m passionate about will take me years to master. Such is life, some things die in our life to allow other area’s of ourselves to grow stronger.

You should post a picture of your favorite piece of art and a link with your poetry, or pottery.
Here’s some of my art.

I’ve made scrolls for weddings I’ve officiated.

I had a work injury and have been living with Chronic Pain for the last 17 years. I’m a Facilitator with the American Chronic Pain Association.

Beauty fallen in Colorado.

So beautiful and amazing. I don’t have links but I do have poetry pottery.


So, are you selling your pottery? Where would you use it? Are you printing your poetry on the pottery? I bet you can do something more with your art if you put some more time and energy in it, if you love doing it. Very nice @Francisca3


Hi ladies! I am certified in Archetypal Art Technique, have you heard of it? IT is used a lot for self-expression and mostly in depression and other sorts of reflective storytelling, recognizing, solving, therapy, focus, clarity, and understanding traumas emotionally to self analyze and help release and understand yourself during the process.

Here are some books on it!


What a great gift to be able to facilitate, kudos to your abilities and such a nice scroll and officiation photo.

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@ArkeyAngelika Thank you, Daniele.

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I hear pottery is so soothing definitely would love to give this a shot


I’ve also heard pottery is soothing. I have also heard glass blowing and painting can be cathartic.


Hi KaraMac… welcome to Talktime!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: :nerd_face:

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Pottery is very soothing in my experience. It’s one of my favorite mediums, but it does have some finicky moments.
I’ve never blown glass but it seems interesting to try. It seems like a much more fast paced, attentive process from what I know.

I’d like to offer my visions, knowledge, and ideas on Art Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, and of course Art lessons. I also am trained in English as a second language. My portfolio and credentials are at and I’d like to invite everyone to Oil Painting Class; come fishing with me, dip you brush in some aqua-marine and float through a landscape of serenity and vibrant color.
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