[Read] How to post

Post here to offer virtual services for free or paid.

Welcome to the help board. This is the place to offer virtual help. You can offer free help such as being available to teach a skill or to provide a listening ear. You can offer paid help such as tutoring, coaching and consulting.

Please take a moment to read how to create an effective post. People come to Talktime to talk with a person and not a business. As such, there are a few rules to consider.

Rule 1: Provide the full menu.

State all the services that you are offering and the price up front. You can link to your website and social media profiles. However, do not hide information. For example, do not ask people to email you, visit your website, join your Facebook Group, attend your free webinar, or DM you to find out more information. Put all your information right here.

Rule 2: Showcase your personality.

For each listing, we give you enough space to tell your story in a way that is easy to understand. Write in a conversational tone. Avoid jargon and corporate talk. Attach real photos of you to introduce yourself and showcase your work. Use videos to teach what you know. Please avoid excessive exclamation marks and all CAPS. There’s no need to yell. Please do not upload business style photos such as logos, images / graphics made in graphics program, memes and quotes.

Rule 3: Engage in the comments.

Your call to action is to have people engage with you in the comment section. We’ll notify you when they do. From there, engage in a conversation. Answer questions. Direct people to DM if they would like to buy.