[READ] How to post here

Post here to ask for virtual services for free or paid.

Welcome to the help board. This is the place to ask for virtual help. Introduce yourself by stating your name and where you are from. You can be anonymous if you wish. You can ask to learn a new skill. You can ask for tutoring assistance. You can ask to speak to someone. You can run a fundraiser and ask for assistance. A request for any kind of virtual help is welcomed. If you are looking for free help, please state that up front. If you have a budget, please state that up front.

Example 1

Hi I’m Jen from Atlanta. I need help preparing for a coding interview at a major tech company. I’m fresh out of college and can afford to pay $75 / hour for help. Thanks

Example 2

Hi I’m Bob from Nashville. I need help dealing with anxiety and depression. I’ve been struggling since my divorce. I can afford to pay $55 / hour for help.

Example 3

Hi I’m Sam from Cleveland. I need help with gaining muscle and losing fat. I’m a busy professional and can only workout 3 times per week. I can afford to pay $100 / hour for help.

Example 4

Hi I’m Sarah from Miami. I need beauty advice. I’m in my 30s and would like to learn how to update my skincare routine now that I’m spending more time at home and can’t go to the salon. I can afford to pay $60 / hour for help.

Example 5

Free chat

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone was available to talk. I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. I have a pet fish named Goldie and a dog named Rue.