Reactions to the Plague

Hi, there. Are you tired of the never-ending Covid plague? I had it in April. Spent a few days in a couple of different hospitals. It wasn’t severe: felt a bit ill, but my breathing was OK and the lung problem improved each day until the good doctor released me.

So, like you perhaps, I am now waiting for the vaccine that will allow me to live on in peace. Sadly, in Montreal where I call home, Covid has hit hard. Stores and businesses are closed, the schools are on-again, off-again. Unemployment has caused severe social problems.

I wear a mask religiously, respect “social distancing,” wash my hands, do all the right things. But having that routine brings me no joy. I’m cautious. I’m scared. I’m waiting.

Meanwhile, to keep myself occupied I watch too much CNN and I’ve taken up a new hobby: coin collecting. It’s very interesting and quite fun. I wonder what other folks my age do for a good time when going outside is so discouraged. That would be a good topic for discussion: Keeping Occupied While Waiting for the Plague to Pass.

Perhaps for the next entry I’ll attack that very question.

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