Professional Singer and Voice Teacher

About me and my services:
I’m currently a university student studying classical voice performance. I have many qualifications and have worked with many professional singers. I love to teach and help hopeful musicians of all ages! I’m well-versed in classical voice technique and have experiences coaching people between ages of 10-15.
I am not a pianist, and cannot accompany anyone, however I would love to help you sing with confidence, choose appropriate repertoire for your age and ability. I will also help you improve on vocal technique and vocal and character interpretation. Your singing with ease and endurance is important to me! Please feel free to contact me with questions!

Pricing and Lesson Info:
Because I am a student my pieces are reasonable and negotiable! Lessons are usually between 30 and 45 minutes. I can also do hour long lesson but those should be booked well-in advance.

Lessons are usually private and always virtual (usually via Zoom).
Private lessons vary in price between $35 -$55.
I am willing to accommodate a small group up to 3 people.
Small group prices also vary, between $35-$55.

Lessons are by request (dm me to book an appointment. I only book one lesson at a time).

Payments Methods accepted:
PayPal, Venmo

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