Professional Football Plan for Youngsters Development

Hello, my name is Mattia Tagliarini, I am a current football/soccer coach and PE teacher trainee. I help youngsters achieve their best results possible by working on individual techniques, and then on tactical knowledge of the game. I have had experience as a professional player (2nd division in Italy) and I have played at a good level in the USA and UK as well, NCAA DII and NPSL in the USA and Futsal 1st division in the UK. I have more than 18 years of experience of playing football, I own different coaching licenses and I can speak three different languages Italian (native), English, and Spanish (full professional knowledge).

My offer

  • One zoom/skype/Microsoft meetings to get to know the new customer and to assess their development
  • Creation of a plan to help to master the fundamental techniques in football/soccer (dominate the ball, passing, striking, balance, vision, tactical awareness, dribbling)


  • 12$/hr on meetings
  • 40$ for a full development program (full of skill-related exercise, tactical development, and conditioning)