Preparing for the next 30 to 50 years of Global Warming, which might be a bit of a pinch for us all

As my introduction to Talktimers, and to this new year of 2021, I have put together a summary of why, what & how I hope to do what I hope to do.

Some of this is biz stuff, sure, but it is a summary of my plan to help with my whole life, and to ask for help in securing a lasting peace for us all on this Earth going forward.

Right now, I am reading this book which dropped down on my doorstep just before New Year’s Eve…

Do Something Beautiful for God

The first challenge of which is:

Live simply, so that others can simply live.

And this has prompted me to attempt to simplify what I am all about by putting the following together today:

Why do I want to be able to do what I hope to be able to do?

Because, given our current trajectory, in 30 to 50 years time our world will experience a series of inversion points that will make life very difficult for the vast majority of us to live here without experiencing the poverty & insecurity of hunger, thirst, nakedness, homelessness, ill health, circumstantial imprisonment & death.

What do I want to be able to do?

Establish a global delivery network of LMSFactories, distribution chains, retail outlets, restaurants, and food trucks that will allow us ALL to utilize the most efficient & carbon neutral means possible for producing Manna Packs & Alt-Meat products that will address the hunger we will soon begin to experience at scale, so that we might both avert the trajectory we find ourselves following now, and be prepared to best handle the consequences of not changing our direction in time if we don’t.

And then to branch out & address the other areas of poverty noted above, so that we might be able to make similar provisions for the future.

How will I do this?

Find a place to put Food Truck #1, so that I can invite PEOPLE to help becomes a viable, revenue producing, stand-alone business by eating Alt-Meat products served up as Fair Food Favorites Done the Vegan Way each & every day.

Find suitable factory space where I can work with PEOPLE to begin producing Manna Packs & Alt-Meat products (both Vegan & cultured meat varieties), so that I can respectively give away the Manna Packs to PEOPLE who need them & sell the Alt-Meat products at retail to PEOPLE who are willing to include them in their diet alongside the animal meat products that the equally hard-working PEOPLE we call “farmers” currently produce for us all.

Find PEOPLE who are willing promote the cause of Manna Packs & Alt-Meats with their own time, talent & treasure when they:

Educate PEOPLE that we must produce Manna Packs & Alt-Meats NOW, so that we can secure a future of Peace on this Earth for us ALL

Get the personal Agility training they need to become more impactful in averting & preparing for these inversions in their own parish

Eat at Food Truck #1

Finance the startup of LMSFactory #1

Work at LMSFactory #1

Volunteer to produce Manna Packs at LMSFactory #1

Distribute the Manna Packs & Alt-Meats produced by Factory #1

Sell, at retail, the Manna Packs & Alt-Meats produced by Factory #1

Convert their animal meat production capabilities into LMSFactories

Open additional LMSFactories & develop distribution networks in their own local parishes

Join as the way to expand the bounty of Agility beyond food production alone

Take a Vacation with a Purpose of Peace via Agile Life Adventures

Contribute to the Celebration of September 11 as Peacemakers Day to help spur awareness & further development of the same

Become the Watchfire of Love that they have always been meant to be

How can YOU help?

Educate other PEOPLE that we must take action NOW, so that we can secure a future of Peace on this Earth for us ALL

Allow me to provide YOU with personal Agility Coaching when YOU subscribe to the LMSNetwork at TODAY

Offer me a location from which to operate Food Truck #1

Offer to help finance LMSFactory #1

Apply to make Alt-Meat products at LMSFactory #1

Apply to volunteer to make Manna Packs at LMSFactory #1

Apply to become a distributor of the Manna Packs & Alt-Meats produced by LMSFactory #1

Apply to sell Alt-Meat products produced by LMSFactory #1 at retail

Apply to convert your animal meat producing farm into an LMSFactory

Apply to open an LMSFactory in your local parish (visit Mass Times to find out which parish you live in)

Join the Scramble-4-Peace by subscribing to the LMSFactory Network at TODAY

Take a Vacation with a Purpose of Peace via Agile Life Adventures

Make a reservation to join us at the Peacemakers Day celebration at Disney every September

Get the coaching you need to become a Watchfire of Love when you subscribe at TODAY

At present, I am looking for places both to park my food truck and to build LMSFactory #1 in both Willard, and Mt. Vernon Ohio… with Mt. Vernon being my first preference.

How does this qualify as a Talktimers topic?

In the spirit of Talktimers, I am offering my professional coaching experience on a personal basis as noted above one hour at time, one month at a time to the first 100 people who subscribe at

So, much like a professional musician, whose business is Music, and who teaches music as a personal offering of help here, my business is promoting the Keeping, Agility, and Peace of Mercy, so that I can Help Mercy Abound to his fullest on this Earth.

And if Mercy be the food of God, then maestro, let us play on together with Agility for the Keeping of a lasting Peace among us all.

You can sign up at…

And perhaps, by working together, we can both learn how to live more simply, so that others can simply live… no matter what Global Warming may bring us in the end.

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