Powerlifting with a U.S. Army Veteran

Meet Mike
Price: $50 / 20 minutes
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Passionate lifting veteran and actual veteran from the Army. Just want to connect with people and help them grow!

Who are you and Why are you here?

Hey folks, my name is Mike and I’m offering a session to get to your powerlifting/transformation goals as fast as possible. I’m experienced in lifting, am NASM certified, have competed in two powerlifting meets with a total of 1650-1700 in each. I don’t set world records, but at 214 pounds and 6’3 I’m not doing terrible by any means.

Why should we trust you?

Well, I’m going to post pics of my transformation and what I look like now, just look at my friendly face! Jokes aside, I’m genuinely here to help who I can and however much I can. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for most of my teenage years and graduated at 117 pounds. I’m now 214 pounds and the gym has truly helped me conquer a lot of those insecurities about my past. You don’t have to trust me yet, but trust the process that is waiting for you. The gym is a safe haven.

What’s included?

It depends on the talk-time you choose, but generally in 20 minutes I can help develop a strategy to begin training if you’re a newbie, or help you break through plateaus if you’re an experienced lifter. For 40 minutes I would feasibly be able to evaluate your current split and see how we can adjust it to achieve your goals. For 60 minutes I would be able to do a full assessment of your goals, evaluate your split, help you break through plateaus, and help you develop your new plan of action to take on the world of lifting.