Power of the mind 💥

Every emotion has an Energy, that energy has a power either positive or negative dependent on the emotion.

So how you think, and the actions you take are in total correlation.

People most of the time never listen or understand their self talk, never realize they are speaking and acting in a negative way/emotion.

As a life coach LISTENING is the greatest tool. Listening understanding analyzing and reading back to client to create the simplest of Conscious awareness. Once the awareness is created the client then becomes enlightened and can even edit what they say and do. Added to the coaching constant support and the tools and coping mechanisms provided to create those small continual positive steps to create permanent change.

This is step one of my coaching support, if this is something you would like to experience and make positive change then drop me a line, PM me, call me message me and lets start your new future and new you today.


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