Positive Mindset

Hey everyone, Glenn here, I must say I was extremely blessed when I found the opportunity to help people on a more broadened scale. I’m from Indiana, but it’s so great that I’ll be able to teach some of these lessons for free, doing so virtually, because I’ll be traveling a lot soon. Don’t worry, I’ll be around.

I would like to extend my hand in helping those of you that need help with relationships, whether it be your mom, brother, cousin, grandpa, etc. We have to practice patience and believe that it is only evident that you cannot control every outcome, but doing your best and letting God do the rest is a beautiful way to look at things.

I will be charging $45 an hour for 1 on 1 lessons for positive mindset.

$55 an hour for yoga and meditation lessons with me 1 on 1.

I’ll be more open to doing classes with you guys when I am inquired about your self improvement journey and then need to invite a friend or fit more people into a group to save us time arises.

This can all be done via zoom or google meet.

I come from with a Health Science degree, focused on behavioral health, more targeted on socialism and psychology. I am currently taking classes for business administration to earn my bachelors and my main area of studies are entrepreneurship and global leadership.

I will say this over and over again, time is the one currency we can never get more of, without God blessing us with a new day, I value my time more than money, so please do NOT waste mine or yours.

Ask me any questions you may have before beginning classes with me. I’ll answer anything up front unless of course you’ve came to me hoping to take more than 5-10 minutes of my time and then I’m charging you, that or not responding. I have boundaries ladies and gentlemen, it is my goal to help as many as I can and I will, but I won’t let my boundaries be crossed.

PS we’ll be driving deep on underlying issues, whether it be emotional or physical pain that you need guidance in. I am currently on a 3 day goal for fasting and as I type this I’m on hour 49-72. I know my stuff. I would not steer you wrong. That I can guarantee.

Something you should expect working with me, I will teach you leadership skills, self empowerment, I am affirmations, prayer with intent, etc. You’re getting a lot and for a reasonable price as well, I’ve done the research to know that most people would pay thousands for these lessons. God bless you.

I’ll provide any of my social media outlets when asked, but for the time being here is my gmail, glennwalton23@gmail.com

Payments to be made available to Cahsapp and or PayPal.

Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 1-2 business days (Monday-Sunday 4am-10pmEST) by sending you a message on Talktime.