Photography mentor/tutor: From scratch to professional

I’m a professional photographer with more than 15 years experience, mainly in (motor)sports photography. I use DSLR’s, action cams and drones for all kind of photography, including virtual 360° HiRes-panoramas on ground and in air.
As self-taught, I think I know all the Do’s and Don’t in terms of professional freelance photography. I have been mentoring already 2 passionates from zero to hero, both make money now with their photography.
Now it’s your turn! I’m free for new challenges!

I see, you’re still reading, that tells me you are interested. :wink:

We start with getting to know eachother. In a first long discussion, I try to “feel” you, try to find out about your passion and if you are willing to go the rocky path because it won’t be a paved autobahn with shortcuts…
If all seems legit, we set goals together and start working from where you are with your photography right now.
Until here, it’s all free for you.

Depending on your previous knowledge, I teach technical stuff and how to improve your pics.
Every lesson has one main topic on which your home work will be based on.
You decide how frequently the lessons will be and how much time you need to get the home work done.
From then, every lesson starts with a detailed feedback of your home work pics. That’s how I teach your eye before we continue with technical stuff.
Depending on your progress, the teaching of “hardware knowledge” becomes more and more secondary and we focus on how to lift your photography on a professional level. This will include post processing and how to make your pics visible the best way.
If we have gone that far, you won’t be too surprised if you are already asked to sell your pics…
Some fine tuning here and there and you have reached your goal and I have kept my promise:
WIN WIN! :slight_smile:

Please understand that I can’t teach more than 2 enthusiasts at the same time.

Any questions! Don’t hesitate and ask me as much as you’d like!

All lessons will be held online via Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp Video or any other media we agree.
Beginner’s lesson: About 90 - 120 minutes, 30€
Advanced lesson: About 90 - 120 minutes, 50€
Professional lesson: tbd

Please allow 2-3 working days to get back to you.

Until then, I wish you god light and happy photography.