Perth Australian Bushfires - COMMUNITY ❤

In Perth WA we have been beyond lucky with the pandemic. Closing our borders was a blessing, however a single case has put us in lockdown for the next 5 days. Definitely not complaining, it may seem overkill but hey whatever works to keep people safe.

NOW, We have a large, very close bush fire which is in the next pain town inwards from where we live. It has currently burnt some 7,366 hectares and many localized area obviously evacuated.

We actually have some of our dearest friends move to us at 4am today.
This is how community works. “All for one One for all”. Scary times with people live, homes, pets and well-being at risk, let alone a pandemic lockdown.

What strange times we are living in but it does take us back to basics, that people matter, animals matter, and life is to precious to be built around material things when there is no depth or meaning to them.

My message post this is I hope we keep and people wake up to the really important commodities in the world (and it isn’t toilet paper FFS, lol) it is us, it is family and friends, it is connection to self/family and land that is the only thing that truly matters.

Fire Area