Personal Online Training

Hey there! My name is Kelly. I am a holistic health coach, certified PT and BodyRok instructor. I played a D1 sport at Stanford University and hold strong passions for health and wellness. Now, more than ever I know how hard it is to stay motivated, find exercise or movement exciting, and continue trying to figure out what kind of workouts will make waking up in the morning enjoyable once again.

I am here to help offer you personal fitness coaching. Let me help you find the fun in fitness again. As simple as 7.99 a week, I will give you a personalized plan to meet your goals, your preferences and your work schedule & lifestyle. We will adjust based on your bodies response and go from there! You have access to me to ask questions, raise concerns or simple chat about how things are going on your health journey.

Reach out if you think we would be a great fit. :slight_smile: