Personal Branding, Reputation and Business

What is Personal Branding and what is the need for it? :fire:

In a Multi-level marketing or really any business, the most powerful tool to build your business strongly depends on the Trust that people have in you.

If you have a bad image in society, no one will trust you or join you, no matter how good your business plan is.

Thus, to grow as a networker, and recruit people in your team, you need to grow as a Trusted Brand first.

Personal branding is basically developing yourself as a known person among your social network, who speaks for the benefit of others, too. If you have a good image in society, an image of a person who never lies, or never cheated people in the past, you have a good chance of acceptance.

How to develop as a Brand? :sunglasses:

Do not start selling your business plan straight away to unknown people by messaging them on social media. Always try to keep adding credibility and value to your personality, which would help you to attract more people. Because when you do this, people get to know that you have deep knowledge of the topic, or the business plan, or the product that you are selling. And it helps them to believe and join you. Building Trust is the most important thing to earn in MLM business.

Before connecting with new people and asking them to join your business plan, try to build an online relation with them. Reveal something about you, ask something about them. And if they start liking you or follow you on social media, they start believing you, and later you can convert them to your next business prospect.

I have developed myself as a Business and Cryptocurrency Coach, it helps me to approach people with more confidence. People give me time to hear about my product, and mostly join me just because of the brand that I have developed myself in.

If you also want to succeed this way, you can start creating a Blog, or Book, or YouTube channel,etc.

If you regularly keep adding credibility to your personality, soon people will start trusting you, and you will develop as a self-brand.

Tricks for quick Personal Branding :alarm_clock:

If you also want to turn yourself into a brand and add credibility to your name and personality, you can do this socially by following some simple steps.

  1. Make your Social media profile look attractive on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, etc, and stay active on them.

  2. Create a personal blog, and write at least 1-2 posts per week about your personal experiences, growth, success, failure, or anything related.

  3. Create a YouTube channel where you can make videos related to your business plan, your earnings till now, etc.

  4. You can also write a book, get it self-published, or launch it as an E-Book for free.

  5. Connect all your social media accounts and links.

Top marketing strategies

Believe it or not, but bragging is one of the best marketing strategies in the network marketing business.

Yes! You read it right, although BRAGGING is not considered a good thing, still, it works well when you need to attract new people to your business.

  • When you upload your photos or posts regularly on your social media platforms, people like it.
  • For Example when you show off how FORSAGE or soon Bitlocity or has changed your life, what FORSAGE or Bitlocity has earned you, people follow you and would want to join you.
  • When you upload pics of your new clothes, your new shoes, your new car, your new bike, your new holiday trip, or anything else, people would also want to have it, and this feeling brings them closer to you.

I always believe in a saying “ People want to have what you have ”.

This is general human psychology and human nature, which you can use for the benefit to market FORSAGE or Bitlocity.

Do not hesitate to show off your things on social media. I would recommend you to show off even more than what you have. Many top networkers do this to make a huge impact on the audience and grab instant attention of people towards how they have earned so much, so quickly.

Personal branding and bragging will not only help you to grow in network marketing, but it will also raise your personality and the quality of your life. Because to look and sound good on social media, you will walk nicely, talk nicely, look good physically, stay fit, and this also brings confidence in you internally.

Now that I bored you with all this and you are probably thinking, cool I got this… well you don’t. This is where a Coach comes in handy…

Let me help you ReBrand yourself Completely, I’ll be your fixer. YOu want a new life? Ok let’s get it done.

Pricing Varies, from nothing $0.00 to more then $100,000.00… I can’t give you a realistic price because i don’t know where you stand… if you are a Corrupt Unliked Politician it’ll cost you dearly because I will have A LOT of work to do, specialists to hire and more.
Beware of People saying they will "fix your reputation digitally for a flat fee of $99.95…
that is not Branding/Reputation “fixing” or realignment.

When you decide to hire me, I warn you,I need to know everything. If you omit something it might come out to bite us in the rear end and destroy everything we did.
Rules are simple:
1)Tell us everything
3)DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO… if we need to send you to a Children’s Hospital to hand out Teddy Bears… .do it. There is a reason behind it.

But I promise I will talk to you and answer your questions , just to see where you are.
Ask me and I will answer.

In both our look-at-me cultural shift and evolving job market, it’s both helpful and necessary to stand out when applying for a job or starting your own company. A personal brand is for (almost) everyone. So here is the 1st of 10 golden rules for creating an engaging, unique, and inviting personal brand.

1. Have a focus.

“Too many people are unfocused when it comes to press and coverage, trying to be “everything to everyone.” Decide what your key message is and stick to it,” says Cooper Harris, founder and CEO of Her personal brand has undergone a dramatic shift—from working actress to respected tech entrepreneur and she has handled this shift by only focusing on one message at a time. Keeping your message focused for your target demographic will make it that much easier to both create content around your personal brand and have others define you.

In fact, Adam Smiley Poswolsky, millennial workplace expert and author of The Breakthrough Speaker , takes it one step further when he’s advising speakers: “Carve a niche, and then carve a niche within your niche. The best personal brands are very specific.”
Juan Felipe Campos, VP of tech and partner at Manos Accelerator , goes one step further to focus on communities that he targets with his large-scale clients. “Keep your message and content consistent to one niche topic to become memorable within a targeted community.” The narrower and more focused your brand is, the easier it is for people to remember who you are. And when it comes time to hire a speaker or a new employee, your narrowed-down brand will be what they remember.

2. Be genuine.

There’s an easy way to have an original personal brand—and that is to be genuine and authentic. Millennial influencer and head of marketing at Popular Demand, Monica Lin, says “People can see right through a disingenuous act.” The more obviously a brand is a copycat, the more the audience will call out the perpetrator for it. Monica’s personal brand experienced a huge amount of growth after she began engaging with her audience more meaningfully on Twitter.

“Be genuine. It will make it much easier to manage your personal brand on a daily basis,” explained William Harris, Facebook ads expert at Elumynt. Your personal brand should be an easy daily filter that you create content and reach out to your audience with. And finally, Justin Wu, founder of CoinState says “Be a master of your craft, skillset or industry before starting a personal brand. Then your content will help amplify who you are.” When initially building his personal brand, he garnered a reputation of being an expert in his field while simultaneously amplifying on social media that same renown. If you’re deeply skilled in one area, your reputation alone will help you build the brand you want.

3. Tell a story.

If your personal brand isn’t telling a story, you’ve already lost half of your potential audience. Allen Gannett, chief strategy officer at Skyword and author of The Creative Curve explains it best:” The most effective personal branding strategy these days is to build a true narrative - single character monologues are boring in Tinseltown, and even more boring for your personal brand.” No one wants to hear you shout about your brand into the social media void, so create a story around your brand that your audience can engage with. Allen regularly meets and chats with his audience in airports around the world, further developing his warm and friendly personal brand.

One of the best ways to tell that story is through written content or video. For Pelpina Trip, social video strategist, this is definitely the case. Her own video channel on LinkedIn sees some of the highest levels of engagement across the platform. “The most personal way to communicate online is with video. Simply use your smartphone to video message your clients, make a personal connection with prospective clients and connect with co-workers. After all, you always have your smartphone on you!”

4. Be consistent.

Being consistent is very similar to having a narrow focus—it’s much easier to get recognized for one topic if you consistently create content and brand voice around it. “Ensure that your personal brand promise stays consistent, both online and offline,” explains Fyiona Yong, director and millennial leadership coach (ICF ACC). She regularly works with millennials in a corporate context to help them define their more conservative work goals. You have to demonstrate consistency across your communication, gravitas, and appearance. Don’t underestimate how tiny inconsistencies can derail personal brand effectiveness.”

On the opposite, creative side, CyreneQ, a top storyteller on Snapchat, suggests “something consistent either visually or personality wise. Something unique that people can associate with your brand and know it’s you. For example, a sidekick mascot or having a catchphrase you say after every video - something people can fall in love with.” Her sidekick mascot, Ele, has garnered millions of views per Snap for brand work, allowing her fun personal brand to represent big box brands like Walmart and DC. So whether you’re creating a wild, incredibly out-there fun brand or one that’s a bit more on the conservative, corporate side, consistency is key.

5. Be ready to fail.

Failure is tough, and all of us generally want to avoid it - that’s human nature. However, to have a personal brand that rises above the rest, you need to have a failure. Walt Disney spoke of this often when he reminisced about his failed first attempts at creating an animation brand. “I think it’s important to have a good hard failure when you’re young. I learned a lot out of that. Because it makes you kind of aware of what can happen to you. ” And what can happen is never as frightening as not trying at all.

When Timothy Hoang, CEO of Stories By Tim, Inc. develops his influencer clients, he likes to tell them: “You’ll never achieve the best branding until you fail a couple times while pushing past your comfort zone.” The very best brands always come from repeated trial and error, mistakes and failures and not from instant perfection.

6. Create a positive impact.

After you’ve developed your personal brand over a period of time, there are generally two ways to continue to build your brand - hop over others and burn bridges or steadily grow a community around your brand. Jacob Shwirtz, head of social partnerships at WeWork, who has worked with many of the top influencers in the world, including makeup personality, Michelle Phan, gives us this wisdom.

My quick tip on personal branding is to remember you are your brand, no matter what your current job is, what project you happen to be working on at any one time or whatever the priority happens to be today… always keep in mind the impact you leave on others and remember all we have is our own reputation and that’s our brand , so be awesome to each other!

Keeping a positive attitude and helping others will only help healthily grow your brand in the long run.

7. Follow a successful example.

“People interested in personal branding need to start marketing themselves like the celebrities and influential people that they look up to every day,“ explains Jason Wong, CEO of Wonghaus Ventures. His own personal brand has gone viral several times, over subjects like ice cream in Japan, inflatable pool toys and memes, earning him the title of the “Meme King.” His success often comes from studying trends and popular individuals on different social media platforms and then implementing them with a twist. Creatively dissecting social analytics and establishing the next big trend can be within your grasp too, if you pay attention across all social media platforms and not simply focus narrowly on one of them.

8. Live your brand.

As mentioned before, one of the ways you can make building a personal brand difficult on yourself is to separate your brand from your personal life. While certainly doable, it’s easier when initially creating a personal brand to have your actual lifestyle and brand be one and the same.

Tim Salau, community builder and founder of Mentors & Mentees, who works with college students to help them build brands that will get them hired, believes in this idea as well. “Your personal brand should follow you everywhere you go. It needs to be an authentic manifestation of who you are and amplify what you believe.” With this in mind, your personal brand is not only a reflection of a series of job functions like marketing, finance or creative but also ideals like giving back, thoughtful leadership or mentorship.