Periodization - training through the season

Periodization refers to the change in training throughout the season to accomplish different goals that aid the season and do not work against it. It is important that workouts throughout the season help an athlete accomplish all that they need while not taxing their systems too much as to impede their best performances.
Seasons are broken into four major periods - preseason before the season begins, competition period or in-season during the season, post season during the final competitions and just after and the off season. The goals during each of these phases are specific.
During the preseason the aim is to build endurance, strength and muscle size. The competition or in-season phase is to peak strength and power but ensure the training volume is not too high as to compromise practice and competition efforts. The post season aim is to allow for peak performance and active rest following the season. The off season is for rest and recovery, injury rehabilitation and making any changes or additions to sport skills or workout routines.
The aims of each period has specific exercise routines to accomplish the goals. Next week I will cover each of the periods in detail to outline the specific exercise routines.
THP The Healing Path