Paint & Do online art exhibits at my studio/gallery

Feel like sharing your art work with the rest of the world?

I am Mariam, I am an artist and I curate the Lotus Art Gallery in Edmonton Alberta.

Lately, more than ever, I am looking to support artists who make original art. I would love to help promote your art work to my networks. There are lots of interesting artist calls you can choose from on the studio website, if you want to participate.

Here is an exhibit which will be opening this february, 2021! Exciting. You are more than welcome to just visit the website to see the show!

This was the artist call for that show! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I also offer online art lessons for those who want to learn to paint. I sometimes also do zoom paint parties! At times, together with artist, I go live on Instagram to do virtual art or music performances. Its a lot of fun, it helps with stress relief and keeps me and others inspired and creative.

If you are interested, look me up:
You can also find me on Instagram : @Lotus_artgallery

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