Our perceptions determine our experiences

Our perceptions determine our experiences:

Is our perspectives that determine our experiences, not our circumstances.

Our perspective Is the way we interpret any situation or circumstance we find ourselves in.

We cannot change our circumstances but we can choose to change the way we perceive them.

We can control the way we see things, and we can also control the way we meet our challenges.

Refraiming perspectives is not about pretending everything is ok, is about understanding there is more than one way on any situation.

We can victimize ourselves or we can choose to empower ourselves and take control of our lifes.

Finding new perspectives supports us to open up and see the new possibilities.

Think about any challenge you may be experiencing now.

How would you reframe it?

  • What other possibilities do you see out of this situation?
  • How could you add some positivity to your point of view?

Give me a checkmark below if this opened up any new perspectives for you!