Our experiences become our teachers. When you find yourself overloaded with this crisis or that decision, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me to help council or instruct you with new ideas and solutions

I am able to offer support from addictions, bereavement, candidly discussing energetic healing, becoming observant, holistic healing,
photographer and photography both film and digital, family issues, children ages 1-12 and much more. People write me years later and comment how I truly helped them at a critical juncture in life as well as understanding the body, facial diagnosis, cooking for healing, cannabis questions, referral for supplies, tools, ideas and much more.
I’m the one to call. Let’s schedule a time. I charge a fee because I have learned that if I give you for free you tend to not find value. If we exchange a fee for my talk time it most often has greater meaning. The fee is based on your required needs. Let’s talk.

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Very well said… no one is perfect, or handed a instruction manual to teach them. You only make a mistake one time, it’s normal. If you think about it, everyone of us as a young child had blocks we would stack up, none of us ever stacked every single block the first time, it fell, it tipped over, but we eventually stacked them all up. Life can be like does blocks, you will fall, you will tip over, but you will learn how to build ur life back up, standing Tall.