Online Bespoke Strength and Conditioning Programmes at affordable prices

Hi everyone,

My name is Saquib and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in London. I train athletes as well as general population. So whether you wish to improve your speed and agility, or gain muscle and lose fat, I am here to help.

I am also a Masters student in S&C, and my practice is informed by scientific literature as well as my personal experiences.

When I am not working, I like to inform others with science-based academic content or training tips via Instagram. Feel free to visit my Instagram page.

I currently offer 2 specific S&C programs online on my page on TrainHeroic.

If anyone is interested in customised programs for their own strength/athletic training needs, then feel free to get in touch and once we have discussed your needs, viable strategies to achieve your goals and the price, I can structure your program, upload it to TrainHeroic and we can get started. All of my programs come with free feedback form myself. Just upload videos of yourself on the app when recording your progress and I can provide feedback on your form.

If you have any queries at all, and have Instagram, feel free to get in touch there.

I am also currently creating programs for pain management and rehab, using the up-to-date science I am studying, as well as drawing from my in-depth discussions from evidence-based physiotherapists. This will even include short videos for your own education on how pain works to help with your self-efficacy, as well as science-based protocols when structuring the training sessions. There will be a separate program for each kind of pain (e.g. low back pain, knee pain, etc.) but even then I would recommend, getting in touch with me first to make sure your own pain is consistent with the type of pain my program addresses. We can have a consultation (free) with assessments of what seems to aggravate and alleviate your symptoms and decide if my programs are suitable or if I need to tweak the program for your situation.

I am an evidence-based Nutritionist as well, but it does take a back seat to my S&C practice. So it is also a service I provide.

I am happy to help, be it to help with any struggle, or even an academic enquiry where you wish to understand a research study better. Feel free to reach out.


Saquib Rahman
S.A.R. Performance & Nutrition

Hi, what is Bespoke?

Hi. It just means customised to your needs.

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