Oh Christmas Tree 🎄

Greetings everyone, and for those of you that celebrated Christmas yesterday I hope you had a lovely holiday.

Speaking of the the Christmas holiday, I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal belief that while it is important to remember the religious and spiritual significance of Christmas, and to avoid the trappings of materialism and crass commercialism, I also appreciate the traditions surrounding Christmas that make it fun. And among those the beloved Christmas tree is one of the best! And another super fun tradition associated with Christmas is the Nutcracker ballet!

Now, if you’ve ever seen the Nutcracker you’ll remember that in the story the Christmas tree magically grows taller and taller. And the stage production of the ballet achieves this special effect in ingenious ways. Have you ever wondered how the do it? Not to mention all the other cool special effects in the show?

Well, I found an article that spills the beans on all the trade secrets here:

Or better yet, watch this video so you can actually see it.

So if you’re among those who have never seen it then you are definitely missing out.!!!

And if you missed out on going this year because of Covid 19, then please check out the companies that have a virtual production and support those struggling in this difficult time. Some of them have already ended…(I really should’ve done this post earlier :roll_eyes:), but many have not, so take a look.

And now for a personal side note…

For myself I can say that although it was without a doubt a very hard year, I am grateful to have been blessed with a very lovely Christmas.

My six year old had written to Santa asking for a snowman that could survive in the sun, which had me worried :grimacing:. …but that Santa is a clever one, and he came through :wink:

And since this post was originally about trees I’ll include a picture of ours as well.

And also I would like to invite you to share with us pictures of your Christmas trees and stories of how your day went yesterday in a response to this post, if you please. Can’t wait to hear from you :blush:

And finally…

One more thing I would like to say before I wrap up this post…

For those of you who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope your holiday was filled with Joy. And if it wasn’t, I hope you know that you’re not alone, that there are people you can reach out to who will listen and help in whatever way they can, and that there is hope for tomorrow. And of course the same goes for all of you who for whom it was just another day. Peace and love to you all.

And Happy New Years!


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Hi Cara,
I remember reading this yesterday, and had to revisit.
I was going to reply yesterday, but to be honest, closer to the end of your story, I was in tears.
The caring nature for others and the empathy you project is astounding, but Santa was a Genius!!
Your son’s wish, I’m sure was not only explained by Santa’s letter to your son, but redirecting the “magic” back to your son was nothing short of brilliant.
Thank you for the great read! :relaxed:

**If relevant, my story actually concerns the day After Christmas in a text that I sent my best friend. We sometimes practice our writing in text together…lol:

The joy of Gen X fatherhood.

It was a beautiful afternoon on the day after Christmas, as my son and I arose from our late slumber.
Coffee in hand, I walked to the window, looked outside as I took the first sip from my warm, magical friend. :smirk:
It was at that moment when I noticed a package on the deck railing.
With eye brows raised, I wondered what this delivery could possibly be? “It’s the day, After Christmas!”
It was a Hot wheels car ordered from Eb@y that didn’t quite make it in time.
A 1996, Nissan 180 SX, Hotwheels Premium, none the less. I had forgotten that I ordered it Weeks ago.
Jake opened the box and clutched the package from it’s container.
His eyes lit up with joy and immediately stated, with great enthusiasm, I might add, that he Loved it.
Black with gold wheels, just like he wanted. :blush:
We began talking about his car, a 1992, Honda Prelude (with gold finished rims) and I suggested, "Ya know what would be the perfect idea for your car with those gold rims?
“We paint it (the car) black”, he replied.
“Exactly!” I exclaimed.
And it was at That moment when my 17 year old, gen. Z son started singing ‘Paint it Black’…the old, Vietnam era, Rolling Stones song.

Best (after) Christmas (day) ever!
Raising a Z son, nothing better.

*Sip, *smile :blush:

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Christmas was low key this year.
I spent it out of town with one close friend. she fell asleep so early after a 24 hour hospital shift. . Then I watched a few xmas movies.
We had a bbq the day after with a few close friends. .
I’ll be heading back to the islands soon. . the mainland is always so great. .

Merry Christmas- Happy New Year. And tanks for sharing your holiday season with us.

Mahalo. Aloha.


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Thanks for sharing! Low key can be nice sometimes. And they say friends are the family we chose :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m very jealous that you live in Hawaii! Did you grow up there? I’ve never been there but have always wanted to go. Got pics? I’d love to see them!

Derek, thank you so much for sharing! That was quite a read, and you are quite the writer. I love how descriptive it was, and I also love your humor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope we will get to hear more of your writings in the future.

And thank you for the compliments as well, I appreciate them.

Take care and be well. :blush:

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Hey Cara. No, I didn’t grow up in Hawaii. Been here almost 6 years… Thanks to the military. I grew up in Ohio.

Yes. our friends are definitely our chosen family… I love that…

You must put Hawaii on your list of places to see. . worth each penny.



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Gorgeous pic, thanks for sharing! Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list!

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You must… The pictures do NO justice. .

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I had an amazing Christmas! I am in a province in Canada which has been going through a quarantine-like procedure since mid-November. They allowed single people to go to one home of their family members from the 24-28, so I was able to visit my sister’s house. I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to see my older and younger sister, my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew. ( I am quite an affectionate person and so being cooped up in a house for the past month has been quite annoying) We were able to watch movies, feast a mighty feast (I wore stretchy pants the whole time haha) and I was able to play with my niece and nephew. It was a Christmas miracle!
I am very happy for your family, and that Santa is clever. I hope all is well in paradise.

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That’s wonderful @Mak :blush: I’m so happy for you that you were able to spend quality time with your family! How old are your niece and nephew? Care to share some pics with us?

And stretchy pants are the best, aren’t they? :wink::laughing:

Take care and be well!