Offering to meditate 1 on 1 on video call

My name is Dania. I come from Pakistan. I am a meditator who is currently undergoing a process of learning and unlearning. I wish to participate with those going through a similar process and offer them my assistance as a catalyst.

I will offer you my service free of cost and if you think we connect, we can carry on with longer sessions that I will be charging for. I am new to this and therefore, wish to take in the experience of this platform before I can ground myself with its functions. Till then, I would like to explore and experience with you one on one without any charges.

Why am I offering my participation you may ask. I believe we are one in this and I also believe that with a collective effort we can look beyond our veils. I have been through experiences that cannot be explained or expressed through words. They brought in a deeper realization of how movements can be created and experienced by mere awareness.

What will I gain from this? With our collective movement towards a higher self, I will unfold my layers as you unfold yours. It is not about what I shall reap from this offering but rather, what I will welcome from this experience.

How can this help you? In these current times where our surroundings are driven by material, polarities are often ignored. We forget our roots and how we too came into existence from the ground that we stand upon at this very moment. Bringing your awareness into your presence can not only help you understand your patterns but recognize the game as well.

You may contact me for further details or leave a comment below that I will respond to.

Thank you