Offering Post-High School Mathematics and Physics Tutoring

My services:

Private one-on-one

  • Price $30/hour

How to buy:

Comment below if you have questions or DM me if you would like to buy.


I have three years’ experience teaching English, mathematics, computer science, and history for all ages, whether the level is at adult education/college or preschool.

What is this:

I offer to help gifted students achieve their full potential by breaking down sophisticated mathematical and physical concepts, whether mechanics, electricity, or sound engineering, into simple concepts that a kindergartener would understand.

What problem do you solve:

I help talented individuals learn to expand their intellect in a wide range of fields.

Who do you enjoy working with:

I enjoy working with anyone who is devoted to their education, whether they want to be a teacher themselves or are a construction worker wanting to understand how to better perform their jobs using an understanding of mechanics.

How will you help someone:

I will break down sophisticated concepts using everyday terms and concepts, so that the learner can intuitively understand the concepts without needing a heavy amount of theory like a college class would offer.

What’s different or unique about you:

I do not teach the concepts in a textbook manner, the way traditional high school and college classes do, but instead offer the viewer real life examples so that the concepts can be understood clearly outside of a classroom setting.

Why are you passionate about this:

I am passionate about teaching advanced topics because I have had a lifelong passion for learning, both to expand my own knowledge base and because I genuinely enjoy helping other people be successful in whatever life path they choose.

What’s your teaching style:

I have a very relaxed and friendly demeanor, so I would have no problem with repeating a concept a student doesn’t fully understand with no frustration.

I also try to organize the learning logically/sequentially, so I start at the most basic concepts first, and then build gradually into more sophisticated details later.

What is the starting point for your students:

My hope is that the students come not already knowing the concepts, but I am happy with students coming in to revisit an already known concept for further clarification.

What is the end point for your students:

My hope for the end of the tutoring is that the students come out with a complete and total understanding of the concepts taught.

Why are you the best person to lead the team:

I am the best person to lead because I have real world experience teaching sophisticated concepts to other people, as opposed to staying strictly in the academic realm as many college professors do. I know how to teach something as complicated as Calculus II in a way that makes it feel like basic addition and subtraction.

What will students learn each week with you:

Each week, I will teach an innovative way to look at complex mathematical or scientific problems, with the mathematics generally being taught before the science because learning how the science works exactly requires a good understanding of the mathematical formulas.

What are your expectations:

I expect the students to come not with a massive intellect or in-depth knowledge from the get go, but an open mind and positive attitude. Please also make sure to be in a well-lit area with little background noise, but I am flexible with any type of setting if need be.

What happens after someone buys:

After you purchase, you will receive a personal message from me about a date to schedule virtually and chat.

Fun fact about me:

I have a love of music as well as education, in particular classic rock. I have attended over 500 karaoke events and can sing professionally due to my practice, and can memorize many classic song lyrics without having to really think about it.

Examples of me teaching:

Personal videos of me:

Do you mean $30 an hr or is it really $30 a min?


Silly me. I meant 30 dollars an hour… this is really embarrassing for someone who is supposed to be a math tutor.


It’s perfect your only multiplying by abundance code configured to decimals of wishful thinking adding to the real cost of living verse teaching real math and what we should aspire to be in life leave it !! $30 dollars a min is priceless it is something to strive for while utilizing air guitar skills. If you find the right way you can give and receive 30 per min… I believe anything is probable or possible mathematically especially in multiplying the ratio to how it can generate the potential without lack.

I am sorry. Could you please clarify your message? I think you are trying to say that my cost is not reasonable for everyday living - is that right?

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Surely not … I am saying realistically 30 dollars sounds right for the real cost of living and where we should all be at min wage at least in factors of true factors as that would make math you used logically sound for this day and age… :slight_smile: Mistake never… aspire points epic… feasible ??? There is gotta be a way for the client and you to both make that to achieve it without lack but generating the already acquired cost n effect vs logistics.

That is definitely a great way to think about it. Thank you for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

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So really your hypothetically gifted in probabilities are never wrong answers or mistakes its how or why the mistakes make sense and can have a perfect answer of 30 $ per min on some form of string theory and equation somewhere in the quantum realm of infinite possibilities as reality. AKA GENERATE IT RESONATE AS BECOME THE DECIMAL POINT IN A TON OF 0’S BEHIND THE 3… :slight_smile:

No worries! I am glad that I was able to point that out to you!

Thank you so much! I always appreciate the extra help! :slight_smile: