Offering my services to women struggling with HYPOTHYROIDISM and their nutrition habits

Hello ladies! I’m a wellness specialist who specifically works with women who struggle with hypothyroidism as well as balancing their eating habits.

My approach is based on me coaching women through various habits that will lead them to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own, once we’re done working together. In other words, I prefer to teach some how to fish, instead of giving them a fish. This way, they’ll have the knowledge and confidence to maintain a healthy balance on their own once they decide that they don’t need my support anymore.

I offer virtual zoom video calls, Messenger calls, or phone calls that are usually 45 minutes each. Not only is this option is great due to the current Covid situation, but it’s also great in any situation where a woman needs an urgent chat, is traveling, etc.

Women love to reach out to me for this kind of support because I focus on listening first and coaching second. My goal isn’t just to spew generic information, my goal is to share valuable knowledge that is relevant to each woman I get the chance to converse with.

I am passionate about supporting women with their journey towards healthier lifestyles that include hypothyroidism because this is a subject that very few health coaches talk about or help with.

I’ve been supporting women and coaching them through their hypothyroidism for over 6 years now and I’m hoping to help out many more.



*75$ for a single 1-on-1 session
*260$ for 4 sessions purchased in advance

-Small group (4 to 5 individuals minimum):

*45$/person for a single group session
*140$/person for 4 sessions purchased in advance by all members

Payments are to be completed prior to the sessions taking place. (PayPal, Invoice, E-transfer, Credit Card)

How to buy:

Ask questions in the comments or direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 24 hours by sending you a message on TalkTime.

Feel free to reach out for any questions that you may have, or any support that you may need. Talk soon :slight_smile:


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