Offering Free life/health coaching

How is your 2021 going so far?

I just wanted to touch base with all of you first. I am offering 4 weeks of life/health coaching for FREE to 2 people. All you have to do is be open to change and willing to give honest feedback and a written testimonial, after the four weeks. It will include one 30 minute phone or video call per week, for the 4 week plan.

If you are interested send me a private message or email me at

Stay safe and healthy everyone. I believe in you, do you?


Good evening Didi,

Thank you for reaching out. Great idea of trading coaching for coaching and testimonials. What works best for you phone or video for the free sessions? I have a few forms I need filled out, just basic intake forms. What is the best way to email you? Thank you again for reaching out and have a great night. Stay safe and healthy.

Peter Simonds