No alcohol, cigarettes or Redbull for 30 days

You may say, dang what a way to start the year!
You’re right! It was a hot mess to begin with!

I chose to sustain from alcohol, cigarettes and Redbull for a month because those are my biggest vices.

I’ve been smoking for 13 years, drinking Redbull everyday for almost 11 years and drinking since the day I can remember.

I had planned on walking away from those things for about 2 months which was extremely important. My mind had to mentally prepare to quit those things on the day I had wanted. Thank God I did because when that day came, I got so worried and anxious that I wanted to smoke 80 cigs, drink 52 Red Bull’s and finish it off with downing an entire bottle of Tito’s.

Well, the day came and I began to fight those urges. Day 1 was rough, I went running about 3 times that day. I busted out two of my classes and then fell into a deep sleep around 7pm out of boredom.

Day 2 and Day 3 were also really harsh, I craved a cigarette so bad but I would do some push ups every time I craved one and it seemed to take the edge off the feeling.

Day 4 was the hardest… I just wanted to drink and smoke all day. But I didn’t!

I read some of my bible to give me some encouragement and I decided to clean out my attic! Which really took my mind off of the situation.

Day 5, was also really hard. My body started twisting and turning on the inside like I was missing something. (Which in my mind, I was) there was definitely some cramping and pain but after eating a salad and drinking tons of water… the pain seemed to go away.

Now I’m still struggling but it’s getting a little better! It’ll be a week without cigarettes, alcohol and Redbull and man oh man! I am beginning to feel so much better, my skin is looking healthier, my brain feels less cloudy… I CAN BREATHE and my energy levels have really come back fierce!

Of course, there is still a long way to go but sometimes all it takes is a push to begin!

If you need some encouragement or just a little push… feel free to reach out and we can work through something together!