New Year's Resolutions

Have you already determined what your New Year’s resolutions are, promises to yourself, to be better, more successful, happier, to love more, or to be loved more… if you didn’t bring them, you should.
They are good because they give you a goal, to be a better or more successful person than you were in the previous year. Set yourself as big a goal as possible this year, but don’t be afraid of it, work on it every day as if you have already achieved it, feel that sweet taste of victory, and let it carry you to the end.


Determine what you want this year and pay all your attention to it every day and you will see that at the end of the year you will achieve much more than you planned.

In any case, it is very important to work on improving yourself, it’s like a computer. Can an old computer start a game that is more recent? Maybe but very difficult, you would really bother with that, why? Because the components are not designed to play that game, more modern components have come out in the meantime, so your computer needs updates or improvements to be able to run them. It’s the same with you, if you want something more from life with an old “program” or an old “computer”, you won’t get far than you have so far. You need an update, ie. to learn some new things that will help you realize your dream more easily, to broaden your horizons, to open your mind to new ideas, to new interesting thoughts, to more inspiring conversations… for your better tomorrow.

Open yourself, open your mind… because if you want to receive something from the universe, you cannot receive it when you are closed. Open up and be vulnerable, vulnerability is not a weakness, vulnerability is a quality of brave people, no matter how many times they may have been hurt they still have the strength to open up and believe… Only those who believe in miracles will get miracles.

And remember the mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open.

Much love :heart: