New Year, New You

Did you make another New Year’s resolution? Whether it be weight loss, overcoming addiction(drugs, alcohol, food, sex, porn, guilt, or any addiction), health issues, relationship issues, divorce, parenting, nutrition, goal setting, anxiety, depression or just living your best life, I can show you the way. Using my many years of life experience and my schooling, we will set goals and build a plan to get you living the life you want. I use only holistic and natural ways to tune you back into your internal compass. If you truly want to create positive change in your life I will show you how. You are worth the investment in yourself.

If you are new to life or health coaching please know it is not scary. You will be so thankful you made the choice to find and hire a coach. It will be the best decision you ever make. I am so excited to see you create the change you want. $30 per 45 minute session or $120 for 4 -45 minute sessions. Also find me on or my webpage at