Never a wrong decision

NOT making decisions and doing the same old same old is not growth, is not productive and not fulfilling your TRUE potential.

There is never a wrong decision, you either have success and progress or you learn that that wasn’t for you and tweak the decision until you find your optimal result.

NO ONE no matter how big, successful, rich or otherwise has not made bad/wrong/catastrophic decisions.

It’s how you use the answers/results, bounce back, try again this time better and more informed.



Because without passion we are nothing.!

Capture NIGEL

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If your dreams don’t scare you, dream bigger…

Nice Post.
Thank You.

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Exactly keep pushing forward towards your passions and live a more congruent life.

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Thank You. I like your style.
Do you or your wife do any mentoring?
I am new at putting myself ‘out-there’, online.
I have spent a lifetime 'Life coaching" unofficially.
And after so many people and friends told me I must do it, thought I would give it a go.

However I am a bit behind the times in how it works when its not organic.
I am just used to talking with people face to face.

Your story and background is absolutely intriguing!

Hi Valerie, so sorry for the delay getting back my wife had surgery yesterday so she’s been priority, as if she’s never NOT! Lol
Yes although I highly recommend a certified course, I would be more than happy to discuss ways in which I could mentor you through life coaching and specific techniques I have found that work well and add huge value for you. Let me know if this is something you would like to explore more.
Have a great Christmas and even better NY.

Speedy and well recovery to your wife.
Happy Holidays!

Many many thanks and the same to you.

I love this! We can’t be scared to grow and learn from our experiences. We have to keep trying to achieve our goals even when life throws you curveballs. Having a growth mindset and being resilient are important when life gives you lemons. :lemon:

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