Need someone to chat with about anxiety/depression and bipolar?

Hello, my name is Joelle and I’m here to offer support and understanding dealing with anxiety, depression and bipolar mental health issues.

I’m 31 and was diagnosed with severe anxiety in high school, and diagnosed bipolar when I was 27. It was so helpful being diagnosed with these mental conditions as it helped me gain an understanding of what happens in my brain and with my emotions. I’ve spent the last 4 years studying anxiety, depression, manic and general bipolar habits and how to aid them. This is mostly been a personal study, however I’ve collected many friends that also deal with these issues and we have created a network of safety, help and openminded communication to aid each other through our difficult days and times. I also am in school to become a licensed Art Therapist and help people through artist expression and understanding.

If you are interested in talking about any of these issues or mental health in general feel free to PM me. :slight_smile: I would be happy to be there to have a back and forth or if you need to vent, I’ll be happy to be a sound board and listen.