Need some advice on life? stop by? Need Motivation? Health and Wellness Guide

Hey Dear Souls,
My spiritual name is Sarah.

15 dollar for 30 min-1hr check-in
Reiki Distant Energy Healing session 75 per session with debriefing afterward.
Paypal or Venmo, please
Or we can do an equal exchange.

Need clarity on a situation? Stop by to chat. I’m an intuitive energy reader and healer and if you are guided to me I believe I can offer insight into your life.

If you feel drawn to ask about someone, can be yourself, just leave a code name/word. Please get permission if you want me to look into someone elses energy. For example, if you are interested you can write I am interested, <(Code Name : Sun)>{if you want to stay anonymous} or I’m ____ can you please do an energy reading for me?

Please specify if you want a reading or energy healing in the future. Also if you want an energy reading if you want me to post your reading here or just message me. (I’m sorry to the people that saw this beforehand)

About me:
I’m a lightworker and I’m a Soul coach. I have many dear guides who offer me a gentle helping hand in healing, cleansing grounding, and living life to the fullest.

What I want to have happened:
My goal in life is that when people feel they need some guidance they find the right person who can help lead them in self-empowerment growth and into who they are meant to be.

My Experience:
I’m a Reiki Master and Teacher
I’m a Reiki Animal Practioner
I’m a lover of a person’s potential
I’m a lover of the truth

Who is my guidance for?
Anyone dear, If you feel drawn, it would be my honor to chat and see how I can help you shine brighter.


Im interest @Princesses20

Hey Dear,

I placed your reading on ur messages. I hope thats what you meant when you said I’m interested.


that’s fine , not time I will be more specific

I’m Deion can you please do my energy reading for me?

Dear KingDeion44,

I’m noticing there are a lots thats been pushed under the rug recently. The mindset of needing to be a provider, the tunnel vision manner of approaching to life/something, the feeling of inner or outer nagging. The clarity of what’s next is elusive. I sense a grandmother coming in and saying “Honey it’s going to be alright”. Your energy also seems very closed off, the feeling of I need to do “something” myself. Maybe you are going through a lots of illnesses or allergies right now. You definitely have something shielding your energy from getting read. (I would suggest cleansing, grounding and centering) The wanting for everything to just run smoothly and just step back and not have to think anymore. The sadness of your soul stating your answer. What you know, what you need to leave behind. You’re experiencing a perspective shift but stuck in between so you can feel/see both perspectives and double edge sword from each. I’m also getting something about maybe u’ve been waking up at night in a panic or been having nightmares, or you have been dreaming someone has left you. Your mind is very active. Please get out in nature and find a tree that calls to you and ask to heal and ground each other. Deep down, the feeling you come from is actually coming from love. The feeling that I can’t provide, I don’t know what to do, I’m scared is because you can’t protect or help those that are dear to you. You are a very strong person. You have retreated into your head. I would suggest getting some crystals energy healing, tarot reading or something to clear ground your energy.

I hope this helps.

If you feel called please do this routine to cleanse your energy.


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Thank you so much! definitely going to watch the video and apply it to my life thank you!

Dear Deion,

Your welcome. Thank you for reaching out. The video’s channel is a great channel.

incase u’re interested.
Your intro to Qi Gong

Heres a video if your interested in daily practice


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