Need help with Sociology?

Hi there! Need help with sociology?

Hi I’m Lexi and I’m from North Carolina. I am a Sociology graduate. I recently just graduated so I completely understand the zoom university era. If you need help with Sociology related class work, I’m your girl! I’m great with Gender, Social Theories, Race and Ethnicity, SPSS, and other societal patterns.

• Groups: $12 / Hour

• Individual: $20 / Hour

Payment Methods:
• Cashapp

• Venmo

Tutoring Methods
• Zoom

• FaceTime

• Phone call

What’s a fun fact about you?
A fun fact about me is I was born in a car!

What is the most normal thing about you?
The most normal thing about me is that I’m just a boring person like everyone else right now. I stay home, hang out with my dogs, work, and occasionally have a girls night, haha.

Why me?
Why me??? It’s a great question. I’ve just recently graduated so my knowledge on Sociology is completely up to date. I’ve done research alongside my professor with six other students as well. I know all the books and crannies of sociology and research. I also understand how frustrating and hard it is to be stuck in Zoom University while trying to earn your degree. It’s hard, but I want to help make it easier. Sociology is not always for everyone and maybe that person is you, but I can help you understand it in a way that corresponds to how you learn.

Why I’m passionate about this?
I have loved Sociology ever since my first class. Learning the ticks and patterns of society has allowed me to open my eyes and see things in ways I may have not before. Sociology to me is such a great subject to be knowledgeable about as it’s such a huge part of our every day lives; we don’t even realize it.