Need help with creating and designing social media contents. I'm here to help

Hi I’m Panhchaka from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I’m currently a social media content designer and developer; I work remotely for BRD, an organisation, based in Afghanistan, to help Afghanistani government to speed up development while protecting human rights and educate people about human rights.

Originated from a working class background in a third world country, I want to see people, regardless of their ethnicity, gender or age, have the right to live a better life and equal to that of the privilege few. I believe in the power of discussion to share experiences and find solutions to complex social issues.

To achieve that, I harness simplicity and creativity from social media platform to create contents that can encourage people to engage and join in discussion to find solutions to make their lives better.

I believe people, regardless of ethnicity, gender or age, should come together to discuss and find solutions to our issues, instead of allowing the privilege few to set norms and stereotypes for us that they think will solve the problems and benefit them individually.

Evidently, children from a working class and Asian background like me is considered to be less creative and too authoritian to deal with our won issues and develop ourselves and our community. To challenge that norm, I have to show that I can be creative and can work together to achieve a goal that help to improve our lives.

I engage people regardless of their ethnicity, gender and age into a discusssion to find solutions to their particular issues. I’m interested in dealing with racism and sexism which also touches upon sexual abuses and cultural othering. My solution to these is simple: I help people to create meaningful contents to engage others into discussion and tell stories to better understand the issue and deal with it.

I am a listener and I show empathy. I like to take time to explain complex ideas. So I want the same from you.

Plus I want you to be respectful of others on the same course. Don’t make a slur or hurtful comments on others from different ethnicity, gender and age. I prepare quizzes for each session, but I want you to spend some times on self-studying before or after class.

The session will be an hour long and take place from Monday to Thurday. I have two slots (morning 10 am- 11 am and afternoon 2 pm-3 pm) for each daily session. You can discuss your flexible studying time with me.

Drop me if you’re interested. I check my message twice a day, so I guarantee you will hear from me within 24 hours between Monday and Friday. I will try be more responsive at the weekends, but you’re likely to hear from me on Monday after the weekends if you place your order at the weekends.

Then, you’ll be asked to confirm which days you want to study and what time. I have two slots (morning and afternoon) for each daily session. I can discuss with you to decide your flexible time to study.

My rate is USD 20-25 per an hour session.


This is great Panhchaka, what a great description and your cause is perfect. I am glad your postings are going well thus far. Best of luck!

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Thank you for being on the webinar. I find your guidances and talks help a lots.

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Of course TY also and for helping in Afganistan, your brave and kind… I am Hazara so I appreciate you! :slight_smile: If you need any help feel free to reach out for support I am here to assist whom I can and maybe one day you may like a consult session let me know!

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