Need help bumping up your average in Bowling?

Hi there!

My name is Mitchel Guzzle and I have been bowling since I was 14 years old. I know… seems like I started a sport way to late in my life… but I turned into a collegiate bowler at a top 5 school in the U.S.! I am currently an assistant coach for high school and have taught kids to high schoolers how to become better bowlers. I can also coach adults who are looking to take that next step. If you are not determined to be a better bowler, then I am not the person for you.

I charge $20 a session after a free initial viewing of some of your shots. This can be done by taking videos of yourself and sending them to me.

Payment: PayPal or Cashapp

Send videos of your shots to my email, then we will discuss the next steps in a zoom call!

Link to one of my 300 games:

Link to my bowling Instagram page:

Email me at and put in the subject box “Bowling Lessons” with your name if you are interested in getting coaching lessons. Happy to hear from you soon!