Need advice on our webpage for our health and wellness small business

Wondering if everyone would be so kind as to check out our webpage for our health and wellness small business please and give us feedback. As a small business times are hard right now and any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated. We do life and health coaching and can slow, stop or reverse most things that make you unwell with our unique total health approach. First session is always FREE. Thank you everyone.


Here are my suggestions:

  • Add in pictures of you and your busines partner on the About Us page instead of a picture of Colorado.

*Is the join section referring to a newsletter, or am I going on a trip with you? :wink: Maybe change the verbiage to read “Join our newsletter to receive your Free gift today!”

  • Modify the Bookings and Products page.
  1. For the bookings section, think about changing the verbiage to read something like, “Please click on this link to access our calendar to book an appointment today!”
  2. For the eBooks, is it possible to put a picture of the product on your website, and if someone clicks the link it directs it to the Square page? That would make it have a consistent look that matches the Blog page.

Here is my Holistic Nutritionist website to view as a comparison…not saying my website is perfect…just showing a different example. - . And here is my company’s landing page I use separately to get people to sign up for my newsletter. - Holistic Hurley's Wholesome Hints

I wish you great success with your business!

Pete, I revisited your website. Looks much better. I saw you incorporated all of my suggestions. :blush: Glad I was able to help! :grin:

Thank you so much for all the advice. Yes I have gone back in and switched it up some. I will continue to work on it. We will see now if it helps with getting people to stay on the page longer and gain some clients. Thank you again for the advice and information. Stay safe and healthy.

Peter Simonds