Need a strategy for your divorce proceeding?

Need a non-attached perspective to help you get through your divorce?
Need help managing the divorce proceeding?
Separated from your kids?
Just need someone who’s been through it to listen without judging?

Hi, my name is Mei (May). I’m currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling. This is a second career for me. My first career was a family law attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Before practicing family law with a private firm, I clerked for a family law Judge in a busy County in New Jersey Superior Court. During my family law years, I witnessed hundreds of highly contested cases in divorce, custody, child support and domestic violence. I was a professional dealing with other people’s problems…until my own divorce in 2012 which took over 2 years. Today I’m still learning and growing as a professional, a parent and as a person. If you are going through a tough time with your divorce, parenting post-divorce and overall wellbeing as a person, I would like to help.

This is what I can do for you:
Help you develop a strategy for your divorce proceeding by prioritizing your goals, identifying the right attorney for your situation, and creating an efficient and effective relationship with your lawyer by asking the right questions and understanding your legal bills better.

Your life is yours alone so you’ll have to live through it on your own, however, help is available. I can provide a non-attached perspective and help you identify your emotions better so you can make better decisions for yourself, your children and your family in a seemingly impossible situation.

Sometimes we just need someone to really listen without judging.

These are some of my life experiences, if any sparks your interest ask me about it.

-Immigrating to the US from China at age 11, having to learn English from level 0.
-Having a multicultural marriage and children.
-Working as a female professional in the US, China and now Australia.
-Moving all over the world and learning to fit in.
-Having long distance relationships with my kids (always missing them so learning to manage strong emotions such as fear, sadness, and regret with a mindfulness practice).
-Maintaining sobriety (4 years on March 5, 2021) and loving the empowering clarity.
-Being a mom of 3 (ages 19, 16 and 4).
-Finding strength to never ever give up on life.

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$40 for a 30 minute session
$80 for a 60 minutes session

Sessions via Skype or Zoom
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