Need a small business accountant

Does anyone know of a good accountant that has good experience with startup sole proprietorships? If so, please reply on this topic!

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Heya and sorry im no accountant nor i know any but i want you to try to post in linkd in you may get small professional accountants there maybe hope i helped if not sorry again hehe and hope you find one soon

I don’t have professional accounting experience, to be honest, but since I am a mathematics expert/teacher, do you think you would want me on your team to do the accounting? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I am an Accountant by profession. What do you need help with?.

@MWELZY Do you do taxes for small businesses by chance? I started a small business last year and I have questions about when I can start claiming business expenses. JE Wiggins told me that I have to wait until I can show that I’m actually making money and until then I can only claim the income as “hobby income”. Does that sound right to you?

i am ready you can provide the details iwill prepare the account and send.
thank you.

Do you have a website by chance?

I can help you! My husband is one of the best! Reach out to him at