Navigating The NCAA College Basketball Recruiting Process Workshop

NCAA College Basketball Coaches Recruiting Process Workshop

As former player (91) and coach at the University of Kentucky (2000-2007) i know first hand the difficulty parents have navigating the recruiting process for their child. Not knowing who to trust and where to get the correct information to allow you to make the best decision for your child can be very frustrating. This workshop gives you the blueprint to end your frustration.

Parents you are spending thousands of dollars for your child to play AAU and hopefully get opportunities. Without knowing how the recruiting process works you are rolling the dice on your child’s future opportunities.

This one hour live workshop was specifically designed to guide and educate high school parents, coaches and student athletes on how to navigate the college basketball recruiting process. It will also debunk the myths about the recruiting process. There will be a Q & A at the end.

The landscape of college athletics continues to change. So each opportunity to be evaluated on the court, in the classroom and as a person is more profound now than ever before.

You will be empowered while gaining the necessary knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate your student-athletes recruiting process.

The student-athlete must be dedicated and focused to do the work in the classroom and on the court to be able to create multiple opportunities and choices.

You will be better equipped to make a more informed college decision with your student-athlete as you will gain competence in the following areas.

  • The NCAA academic process and eligibility guidelines for the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.
  • Ways to keep up with the ever changing NCAA rules.
  • How to contact all levels of college sports governing bodies. NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA.
  • Specifically designed questions to ask college coaches to gage their interest and commitment
    to you as a prospective student-athlete.
  • The recruiting philosophy of great college recruiters. How they identify, recruit and finally offer
    a prospective student-athlete.
  • Questions college recruiters ask themselves on prospective student-athletes before offering a
  • Personal characteristics they look for in each prospective student-athlete and their parents.
    How parents behavior affects their child’s scholarship opportunities.
  • How they build strategic relationships to gather needed information on prospective student-
  • How to tell if a recruiter has a true belief in you as a prospect.
  • What recruiters specifically look for in each position.
  • Impact of the Transfer Portal and how it has limited the number of available scholarships to
    high school student-athletes.
  • How the value of Lower DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and Juco scholarships offers has risen 10-fold.

The cost of this workshop is $75 per person.