My plan to gain a broader perspective

I had my first live session class tonight since our holiday break. I am in an Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate program called Creative Catalyst. Within the program, we are tasked with creating a blueprint for our dream project.

Through my dream project, I want to see more people recognize their value and feel confident showing up authentically. To accomplish this, I want to provide creative safe space for people to express themselves. I want to utilize collage (creating artwork and teaching) as a powerful tool for visual storytelling to create visibility for people who feel different, unseen, unheard, or overlooked.

In tonight’s class discussion, our facilitators asked us to think about 6 hats:

  • the positive hat
  • the process control hat
  • the creative hat
  • the critical hat
  • the emotional hat
  • the factual hat

We were asked to think about which hat is our most natural or most comfortable viewpoint?

Which is our least comfortable viewpoint? and How could we use this one more often?

& to talk a little about what steps we will take to gain more perspective from our target audience.

Personally, I am most comfortable wearing the emotional and creative hats and I feel that the critical hat is most natural to me. I tend to be my own biggest/worst critic. The least comfortable hat for me is the factual hat, however I feel it would be helpful to use this hat more often so that I can have qualitative and quantitative data to support my dream project. Additionally, I plan to gain perspective for my dream project through observation and interviewing. I want to utilize social media to find my target audience. I want to ask questions and conduct surveys and interviews.

I loved how the conversation with my cohort tonight broadened my perspective. Our facilitator challenged us to look at the critical hat from a different and not so negative lens. She mentioned that we can turn this view around and see it as a necessary perspective that can pinpoint the gaps in our plans. We also discussed the importance of having people who wear other hats or have diverse views along with you at your table.

Excited to continue on my journey as I plan my dream project and attempt to locate my target audience! #feelinghopeful :relaxed: