My Mental Health During a Pandemic

Hi, my name is Addie. This is my first post here on talktime. I am diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder 2, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, bulimia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and binge eating disorder. I am on a few types of medication to help minimize the effects of these disorders but I often forget to take them as they make me very drowsy and confused.
This pandemic has caused me to fall back into unhealthy coping habits such as oversleeping, overeating (binging) and self-induced vomiting (purging), using substances to feel happier, isolating myself, and harming myself. I don’t want to be doing these things but it seems to be the only thing helping me feel ‘better’ at the moment.
Any advice?

Hello Addie - With your Diagnosis you should have a regular local Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist that you see to maintain your health. A Nutritionist sounds like a good call now - or a Eating Disorder Center. You need to Really take ACTION, and call your Doctors immediately for ongoing support. God Bless - Coach Riana Milne

  • Develop good sleep hygiene by trying to go to bed and wake up the same time everyday. On days I work, I wake up at 7AM and on the days I don’t work I get up at 8:30AM even if I don’t have anything planned for the day. Every night I go to bed at 10:30PM, with very minor exceptions. Yes, I feel old doing this, but in the past when I would go to sleep at random times and sleep in, it would be very difficult for me to fall asleep on Sunday to start my week and then would take a few days to not feel so tired. Now, I have trouble sleeping only when it is self-induced by over caffeine consumption or by drinking craft beer. Even 1 beer interrupts quality sleep.

  • Make a list (I use my phone) and turn on a reminder so you have at least one thing to do each day. For example, fold laundry for something simple, or if you have the energy make it change an old outlet. When you complete the task, press the reminder that you did it so it’s off your list. That gives you a reason to wake up that day, and something to boost your mood when you finish it.

  • Walk briskly outdoors or on a treadmill at your house. When I was very depressed, I could barely walk 20 minutes, but now I walk up to1 hour about 4 days per week. It helps with motivation. The days I do not exercise, I have a tendency to stop doing things that help my mental health, such as overdrink or eat tons of junk food.

  • Set alarms for the times you need to take your medicine. You can’t know if the medicines are or are not working unless you take them as directed. After a couple of months of taking your medication as prescribed, talk to your doctor to discuss if the dosages are correct or if they need to be tweaked.

  • Try something new with food. Instead of binge eating, try making a recipe that you find online. That will keep your mind occupied and focused on ingredients, the steps to make it, the time it takes to cook, etc. When the recipe is done, you will feel proud of your creation and might not want to stuff it all down your face at once, but instead savor it and keep some for later.

  • Make your daily routine more structured. My usual routine is getting up at 8:30AM, taking my meds, preparing a healthy drink made with herbs, prepping my steel cut oats with chia seeds & ground flaxseed, then enjoying an espresso. My one espresso is the best part of my day. I grind the beans and have a cute espresso cup. I sit in this one chair that faces outside and I call that my contemplation chair, where I slowly sip the 2oz of deliciousness. Next I do my “business” while taking an online survey on my iPhone, so I get paid to poop. lol I eat breakfast with my dog in my lap and spend the next hour playing Boggle and Words With Friends no later than 11AM. Then I get ready for the day and walk my dog. That’s my morning routine. Next is I do something from my to do list that will take less than 2 hours to complete. Next is lunch. I eat lunch around 1PM each day and during the week watch a court show. After lunch I might play some more games. Then I do something on my to do list that takes no longer than 2 hours to complete. After that, the afternoon is done and it is time for walking on the treadmill or boxing. I box 1 time per week. After working out, I cook if it’s my turn, or I take a shower if it’s my husband’s turn to cook. Eat dinner. Watch TV/play games/Facebook for the rest of the night. Bed at 10:30PM. Then I go to bed and the next day repeats. It may sound very boring to do the same schedule every day, but it really helps. When I start to deviate and get super busy and start having no schedule, my immune system decreases and I can get a cold. It’s very strange.

I hope the above tips help!


Hi Addie

How are you doing since your post? I hope you found the help you were looking for.

I would say see about doing things that are organic products for your health. Medications will not always help with those problems. CBD oil is a great way to really a healthy way to relief those problems that you have. Don’t give up when you are coping and dealing with those disorders

Dear addielauryn,

If you feel drawn. I’m a Reiki master energy balance/healer. If you’d like we could set up a session.


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