My 31-Day Movement Challenge - Day 01

Why am I doing this?

I don’t know about you, but I have some serious mixed feeling about 2020. I had some big life changes, some independent of the pandemic, some in addition to, and some altered by. I know I’m not unique in this regard, but it’s making me want to step out of 2020 differently than how I stumbled in.

Thus, this challenge to myself.

First and foremost, it’s a bit of a fuck you to 2020. I spent so much time and energy feeling reactive this year that I’ve been driven a little mad. It’s not lost on me that this is reactive to 2020, but it’s proactive toward 2021, my future, my health, and my career.

I also want to start changes that I need in my life before 2021. Before New Years. Before arbitrary dates and strikes of midnight across the globe.

I want to make this as an inspiration to others. As an example of starting something small or big before the culturally accepted date of change.

2020 has been the least consistent year of my life — including that super fun year and a half I spent living in Portland OR after graduating college and then finally getting on with my life.

Least consistent in movement and working out.

Least consistent in my routines and work schedule.

Least consistent with my financial benefit to my family.

Least consistent in my well-being.

Least consistent in my nutrition.

You get the picture. There’s a good chance you’re in the same boat with at least some of that.

And 2020 has had some serious letdowns and life changes. After a year of planning, my wife and I were about to move to Costa Rica on June 23rd. We were going to live in a container home within walking distance to the beach — trade the hectic Seattle lifestyle for something more sustainable. I gave up my 13-year high school teaching career and was prepared to leave town with my wife and dogs!

Well, pandemic, closed borders, unknowns, blah, blah, blah. My wife and I needed to make decisions for our careers, living situation, and aging senior doggies. So, we decided to delay our move for at least a few years.

Why am I focusing on movement for the next month?

Because it’s an action.

And nothing changes momentum better than action. Not planning. Not reading. Not journaling. Not talking. All of which have been my main method of procrastination.

I need to do something bolder — something more effective.

Now, I’m not undertaking 31 days of CrossFit WODs or some crap like that. Just 31 days of smart movement that I enjoy. No special program or schedule. Nothing new that I haven’t done in the past. If I feel like having an easy day, I’m just gonna have an easy day. But I’m gonna get in some movement.

It’s more about the habit and consistency, than difficulty, intensity, and specificity. I’m not going to post all the exact times, distances, reps, and weights. That is not what this is about. Again, it’s about consistency with the habit of movement and being proactive rather than reactive .

And finally, I’m doing this because there’re some big things happening in my life this month. In order:

  • I turn 40
  • My wife and I move from Seattle to a small town on the Washington coast — into an Airbnb temporarily, and then into a permanent situation in January
  • The holidays


I hope you follow me in my 31 Days of Movement this December. Join me in my month of movement or undertake your own challenge.

Comment and let me know what you plan to do!