My 1st entry... depression

Depression has gotten the best of me lately … my insurance is limited on where to go for mental health .

(unappectable right?)

I’m tired of shutting down … etc blank steer , not thinking , not hearing , not eating , barely sleeping , not writing ( I write poems stories and songs) and I’m over it !

It also hasn’t help that my finances have became limited on the account of the Coronavirus too … so right now I have no money to spare and if anyone would like to just chat for free I would really appreciate that alot :heart:


Kylie, I would love to chat with you. I hear you… I am a certified life coach. I went ahead and got the credentials because I had healed from depression and wanted to know how I can help others.
Any questions for me?

I wish you the best.

Kylie, I have entered a few periods of deep depression myself, which lasted for months. For my first bad depression, I got tired of sleeping in my chair all day long and decided I would put vinyl siding on my house to have a reason to wake up every day. I only had enough energy to do about 3 hours or less work every day, but slowly I was able to complete the task. That helped me get out of the depression.

The other two times I used walking on a treadmill to help me. After spending months on a couch both times, I finally was tired of doing nothing and hopped on the treadmill. It was really hard at first. I would get winded within 10 minutes. Eventually, I made it up to 20 minutes with no trouble and kept increasing the time to 1 hour. Now I walk on the treadmill about an hour 4-5 days a week because that helps me fall back into a depression.

Working a part-time job also helped me out of my latest depression. It took months for me to feel OK, but now I am productive and can work on hobbies, have focus, and feel wonderful for the most part. I also tweaked my medicines and that made a huge difference.

In addition, I cut back on alcohol consumption. When I don’t have something to do, I figure why not have a beer. But I love high gravity beers at like 8-12%, so after drinking one the part of my brain that says “you will feel like crap tomorrow” turns off and I will have another one. The next day I might have extra caffeine which interupts my sleep and the cycle can start again. But then I reset and feel better and stay away from beer as much as possible. Limiting my espresso intake to one per day also helped me. I need to get restful sleep, so drinking more than one espresso or even drinking one beer disrupts the deep sleep I need to feel refreshed the next day.

For me, making tasks on my phone helps me not go into a depression. I make it a goal to have at least one item to do each day. At 9AM, a reminder pops up on my phone to tell me the task I need to do, such as grocery shop, call someone, work on a jewelry project, do a specific chore, etc. That gives me some structure, and it really helps.

Hi Kylie,

I’m Kolbi! Nice to meet you and I’m glad you’re here! I am so sorry to hear that depression has gotten the best of you lately. I am also sorry to hear that your insurance is limiting as far as support with mental health and that your having financial struggles. I want to thank you for sharing your story and let you know that I would love to talk to you and am here for you if you need me.

In September, I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I can relate to you when you mention feeling tired of shutting down. I can also relate to being tired of not eating. A few months ago I felt so emotionally overwhelmed especially with all of the isolation, uncertainty and loss that came with the pandemic. At that time, I was experiencing suicidal ideation and some days it was enough for me if I could just get out of bed and force myself through the work day. When I went to the doctor, I realized that I had lost 18 pounds from not eating. I wasn’t taking the time to prepare myself food throughout the day. When I recognized how detrimental the situation was becoming, I decided to take some time off of work and went on a medical leave in order to prioritize my mental health. This was a hard decision for me. I felt like such a failure at life.

Since then I have been on quite a wellness journey. Just this morning I was able to celebrate a small win. I have been doing a good job of making myself food and recognizing when I am hungry. Instead of ignoring my rumbling tummy like I used to, I try my best to take care of myself and tend to that need knowing it will help give me energy to get through the day.

I would love to hear some of your poems and songs some time if you’d be willing to connect with me. I am a creative as well, I am a collage artist!

Much love :butterfly:

Hi Kylie

I have just seen your post, just checking in and wishing you well hope you found the help you were looking for, my partner suffers from severe depression but does not want tablets for it. In the UK that is the first port of call for our Drs.
I managed to get him into a strict exercise, healthy eating and work routine with a regular sleep pattern and all through lockdown he has been amazing.
A routine is key, but understanding there will be slips and bad days is important and not to beat yourself up about them.

Wishing you health and happiness xx