Music Production | Pre-med studying | A LIT TIME... lol |

Hiiiiiiii :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left:

I know what it is… but I might not… lol

Let’s talk about your favorite type of music. Do you like trap hi-hats and 808s? Do you like dusty drum breaks? Maybe JAZZ rhythms?!

I like all those, tbh, and many Many MANY more :weary:. So much that I want to create NEW music!

My favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar after all

Listen to this :loud_sound: :loud_sound: :loud_sound:^^^… :triumph: WHAT DID YOU THINK? IT WAS FIRE RIGHT??? LET’S MAKE MORE

I’m in Utah right now and have a lot of time to spend with you or your friend or all of us together, to create music. Shoooooooooooooot… We can start from playing the very first note, to laying down some chords and drums, to all of the effects, transitions, and processing we will NEED!!!

:white_heart: HERE IS A CHALLENGE FOR YOU RN. GO AND DOWNLOAD A MUSIC PRODUCTION SOFTWARE ( DM IF YOU NEED HELP), THEN TRY AND MAKE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, SOME PIECE OF MUSIC, THEN DM ME WHEN YOU’RE READY TO SHARE IT. I will listen to it and give you some advice and feedback on it. This will be free obviously lol don’t worry!!!

I have been working at my University’s audio studio for almost 3 years now

Also, if anyone wants me to help them with studying for the MCAT or their pre-med classes

Biology, microbiology, molecular biology :microbe: :dna:
Chemistry, ochem, biochem, analytical chem :man_scientist: :woman_scientist: :boom:
Psychology, sociology, PHYSICS| Math | and all that… lol ) :memo: :zap: :1234:

I recently graduated with a double Bachelors of Science in
Biology - Biomedicine and…
Biochemistry - Neuroscience

So we better start studying right now as all the info is still fresh in my mindddd!

If you wanna pay UPPPP and use my time for yourself then here are the prices lol :smiling_imp:

60 dollars/ HOUR
If you like our time spent then do a week of idkkkk… like 12 hours… for 500 dollars!!!

That’s that for now!!! Hit meee up thooo!!! Probably in the DMs here!!! PEACE OUT and HAVE A GOOD DAY.

We can call on zoom and do whatever we need do to get a whole study session or a whole song DONE. Aightttttt thanksss!!

- Pic from that wedding btw!

Loving the beats Niqita! Also loving the fact that we could study for the MCAT while making beats :slight_smile: How’d the wedding turn out?

Yesssss! I need to upload more to YouTube otherwise they just stack up on my hard drive. MCAT is a very important test and for some might be an insanely stressful test. Studying for it and taking breaks to make beats is a good way to workout your brain in both critical and creative thinking imo.

Wedding was insanneee. It was a Samoan wedding. Friends got married and it was a crazy dope time tbh.

Hello! My name is Andrea. Cool name btw I’d love to make music but I’m kind of a terrible songwriter! Are you still in Utah? I’m in Utah too! That’s way cool that you are working so hard on both what you studied in school and what you’re passionate about!!

Yo I was not expecting anyone to hit me up on here hahaha!

Hey, I just left Utah and came back to Hawaii! You should get fl studio and learn to make trap music. If you need help I gotchu for sure.

What part of Utah you from?!?!

I just got hired back at the studio so if you do wonna record something, I can always help you professionally mix it foreal.